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Materials Science Overview
Scribing & Cleaving Overview
Vacuum Pick-Up Systems, Probes & Cups

Electronics & Semiconductors

Formerly LatticeGear™, now Manufactured
by & Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

PELCO® Scribing & Cleaving Solutions
PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
PELCO® Precision
Low Speed Saw
PELCO Dimpler
PELCO® Dimpler™
& NEW Tools/Accessories
lapping fixtures
PELCO® Precision
Lapping Fixtures
Centrifuge, Mini, MC-6600 Mini Centrifuge
PELCO® Tripod Polisher™
materials science mold
EDFA Silicone
Rubber Molds
PELCO Sample ClampPELCO Sample Clamp
PELCO® Sample Clamping Fixtures

FIB Grids
Small FIB Grid Holder, ø12.7mm, pin
Multiple FIB Grid Holder
FIB Supplies
grinder, lapper, polisher
Grinders, Lappers, Polishers
diamond lapping
Lapping Film
Embedding Powder
Castable Embedding Supplies
Mounting, Fixturing
& Adhesives

SEM Accessories & Supplies
pelco tem 50 mesh gridpelco transmission electron microscopy grid
pelco honeycomb tem gridpelco slot grid

TEM Grids
pen vac tweezer, vacuum pick-up
Vacuum Pick-up
Metallurgical Microscope
Light Microscopy
& Calibration
Wafer Carrier Trays
NEW Upright Wafer Storage/Carriers
Wafer Carrier Trays
Wafer Carrier Trays
Gel-slide CD Series
Gel-Pak® Vacuum Release Trays & Accessories
Six wafer holders for diameters varying from 2"-8"
Wafer Holders
for SEM
Plate Storage Cabinet
Storage Solutions
NEW SEMI E177 Conforming Products
PELCO® Conductive Carbon Glue
Dag-T 502 Carbon Paint
conductive pen
Silver Pen
3M XYZ Axis Electrically Conductive, Double-Sided Tape 9712
3M™ XYZ Axis Tape
mounting adhesive
Mounting Adhesives