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Materials Science Overview

Embedding Supplies for Materials Science

Castable Embedding | Compression Mounting

Castable Embedding
PELCO® Castable Embedding Kits
PELCO® Castable
Resin Systems
TechnovitTechnovit Cast
NEW Kulzer Technovit® Embedding & Impressioning Supplies
Materials Science Molds
Specimen Mounting Clips

Materials Science Molds
Plastic & Silicone
Rubber Molds

Tri-Stir Disposable Plastic Beakers
Mixing Cups & Sticks
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Desiccator

Pressure Pot
compact scales
Compact Scales


Compression Mounting
Embedding Powder
Mounting Powders
Materials Science Ring Molds
Phenolic Ring Molds
Materials Science Mount Caps
Protective Mount Caps
Materials Science Spring Clips
Metal Spring
Mounting Clips
Materials Science Mold Release
Silicone Mold Release
Materials Science tongs
Stainless Steel Tongs