Neuroscience 2023
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Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps  VRP Vacuum Pumps motic ba310 biological light microscope
Sale 25% off!
Pfeiffer DUO 3.0
Rotary Vane Pump
Sale 25% off!
VRP Series Reliable
Rotary Vacuum Pump, 230V
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Motic® Panthera C2
Trinocular Microscope
brain matrices LED Lighted Forceps
LED Lighted Forceps
Gel-slide CD Series
Select Items 25% off!
Brain, Tissue & Tumor Matrices
Select Items 25% off!
LED Lighted Forceps
Select Items 25% off or more!
Gel-Slide & Gel-Tray
GREENBERG-PAR curved diamond suspensions slide holder
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PELCO® SuperCut Scissors
Select Items 54-70% off!
PELCO® Diamond Suspensions
Sale 47% off!
Slide Holder, 12 Slides
x-ray window square
slotted Carbon specimen mount for scanning electron microscopy cambridge carbon mount for scanning electron microscopy
carbon planchets for JEOL, Hitachi, pin stubs
Select Items 56% off!
Silicon Nitride X-Ray Window
Select Items 23-82% off!
Carbon & Graphite Mounts
Select Items 23-40% off!
Vitreous Carbon Planchets
Florescence Reference Slides pelco tem sale grids freezer rack sale
Sale 73% off!
Fluorescence Reference Slides
Select Items up to 63% off!
TEM Grids
Special Spring Sale Pricing!
Upright Freezer Racks
protective face shield disposable medizime Reconditioned LKB 7800 KnifeMaker
Special Spring Sale Pricing!
Disposable Protective
Face Shields
Special Spring Sale Pricing!
Medizime® Cleaner
& Detergent
Sale 85% off!
Reconditioned LKB
7800 KnifeMaker
50 x 7mm Black Wall Foil Bottom Dishes - Image Not Available -  
Sale 21% off!
Black Wall Foil
Bottom Dishes
Special Spring Sale Pricing!
Biopsy Foam Pads for Large
Tissue Capsules