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Parafilm M® Laboratory Film,
Dispenser & Melinex Film

parafilm laboratory film

Parafilm M® Laboratory Film

Parafilm M® is a moisture-resistant thermoplastic used in research, clinical and industrial laboratories. This laboratory film can be utilized to prevent contamination, evaporation or spills. Parafilm M® is self-sealing, flexible, odorless, semi-transparent and can stretch and mold to irregular shaped surfaces providing a reliable barrier. Available in an array of sizes, Parafilm M® can be useful in electron microscopy droplet staining and thin-film grid coating. It can also provide a non-slip surface on trays and shelves for instruments or containers.

Roll sizes and General Purposes
(any size may be used for EM applications)

5cm x 76.2 meters (2" wide x 250' long)
No. 807-6
For smaller applications, 2" squares can be cut quickly with the dispenser and used for test tubes, flasks, and covering irregular surfaces. In horticultural research, Parafilm M is used to seal grafts and cut stems to prevent moisture loss.

10cm x 38.1 meters (4" wide x 125' long)
No. 807
Saves time when medium sized sheet or strips are needed for larger beakers, tubes, trays, containers and culture media.

50.8cm x 15.2 meters (20" wide x 50' long)
No. 807-4
Horticulture research as a membrane for insect feeding, tray and shelf liner for bottles and instruments and other laboratory EM and microscopy applications.

Permeability Characteristics:

  • Oxygen (ASTM 1927-98): 150 cc/m2 d at 23°C and 50 RH
  • Carbon Dioxide (Modulated IR Method): 1200 cc/m2 d at 23°C and 0% RH
  • Water Vapor (ASTM F1249-01): Flat: 1 g/m2 d at 38°C and 90% RH Creased: same as flat
  • Note: Because of low water permeability and the insensitivity of this material to moisture vapor, it is unlikely that differences in relative humidity (RH) will make a difference in the oxygen permeability

Effects of Common Reagents:

  • Hydrochloric acid conc. (12N) dil. (5N) - no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Sulfuric acid conc. (36N) dil. (5N) - no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Nitric acid conc. (16N) dil. (5N) - no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Sodium hydroxide conc. (22%) - no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Ammonium hydroxide conc. (28% NH3) - no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Potassium permanganate: 5%: no apparent effect except permanent dark brown coloration in 18 hours 0.1%: same as 5% but slightly less color Iodine solution 0.1N: no effect except brown staining in 18 hours
  • Salt (NACL) solution 20%: no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Ethyl Alcohol 95%: no apparent effect except some face whitening in 24 hours
  • Isopropyl alcohol 99%: no apparent effect in 24 hours
  • Not recommended for use with chlorinated, non-polar aliphatic and aromatic solvents
  • Film becomes soft and sticky at about 130°F to 150°F (54°C to 66°C)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
807 Parafilm® M 10cm x 38.1m (4" x 125') each $35.25
807-4 Parafilm® M 50.8cm x 15.2m (20" x 50', in Tube) each 152.50
807-5 Parafilm® M 10cm x 76.2m (4" x 250') each 85.00
807-6 Parafilm® M 5cm x 76.2m (2" x 250') each 40.50

Parafilm Dispenser

Parafilm® Dispenser - Blue

This ABS plastic dispenser is designed to store, dispense and cut Parafilm®. The Parafilm® Dispenser has a unique design for the cutting mechanism providing maximum safety. The safety razor slides along a special edging with no danger to fingers. Each dispenser comes with 2 replaceable blades. The Parafilm® Dispenser can hold up to two 2" rolls (50mm) or one 4" (102mm) roll.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
807-2 Parafilm® Dispenser - blue, holds both 2" and 4" rolls each $51.00

melinex laboratory film

Melinex Film

Sheets of Melinex film, 175µm thick, make a very convenient substrate for growing cell cultures and for later incorporation into blocks.
Sheet size: 210 x 297mm.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
808 Melinex Film, pkg/5 $73.85