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Laboratory Equipment & Instrument Finder

PELCO Embedding Studio
NEW PELCO Embedding Studio™
PELCO BioWave Pro
PELCO BioWave® Pro+
Microwave Tissue Processor
& Application Kits
PELCO® Dimpler™
for TEM Specimens
PELCO easiGlow™
Glow Discharge Cleaning System
PELCO easiShaper Carbon Rod Sharpener
PELCO easiShaper™
Carbon Rod Shaper

PELCO easiSlicer™
Vibratory Tissue Slicer

Now Manufactured by &
Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

PELCO® LatticeAx®
Scribing & Cleaving Solutions
PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
PELCO® Precision
Low Speed Saw
PELCO Precision Wire Saw
PELCO® Precision
Wire Saw™
PELCO® Rotators
Tripod Polisher
PELCO® Tripod
Polisher™ for SEM
& TEM Specimens
uv cryo chamber
Cryo Chamber
PELCO "Air-Out" Vacuum System
PELCO® "Air-Out"
Vacuum System
Mini Centrifuge
108 Manual Sputter Coater
108 Manual
Sputter Coater
108 auto Sputter Coater
108 Auto
Sputter Coater
108 auto/SE Sputter Coater
108 Auto SE
Sputter Coater
108 carbon/A Carbon Coater
108C Auto
Carbon Coater
Turbo Carbon Coater
208C High Vacuum
Turbo Carbon Coater
sputter coater
208HRD High Resolution
Sputter Coater for FE-SEM
thickness monitor
Thickness Monitors
& Controllers
paraffin dispenser

Histology Laboratory Equipment
Gravity Convection Oven
Laboratory Ovens
Rotary Microtome
Manual Rotary Microtome
micro bead sterilizer 3270
Micro Bead Sterilizers
McIlwain Tissue Chopper
McIlwain Tissue Chopper
biological microscope
Biological Microscopes
stereo microscopes
Stereo Microscopes
stereo microscopes
Motic® Metallurgical Microscopes
stereo microscopes
Motic® Inverted
Metallurgical Microscopes
inverted microscope
Inverted Microscopes
Motic® AE2000 &
AE31 Elite
DTK Microslicers™
NUVAClean Pipette Carousel
UV Pipette Carousel
Ocillating Outopsy Saw
Oscillating Autopsy Saw
paraffin dispenser
Paraffin Dispenser

SliceMaster Sample
Preparation Tools
TruSlice Tissue
Slicing Systems
ultrasonic cleaner
Ultrasonic Cleaners
vacuum pump
Vacuum Pumps
Centrifuge, Mini, MC-6600 Mini Centrifuge
Precision Sectioning Saw
XP Sectioning Saw