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Motic® BA310MET and BA310MET-T
Advanced Metallurgical and Ceramics Microscopes

Motic BA310MET Metallurgical Microscope   Motic BA310MET-T Metallurgical Microscope
Motic® BA310MET Trinocular
Motic® BA310MET-T Binocular

The Motic® BA310MET series is an affordable and powerful line of robust incident (reflective) light (BA310MET) and dual illumination (BA310MET-T) metallurgical microscopes.

Designed for observing all opaque materials including minerals, metals and ceramics, the BA310MET is ideal for applications where affordability and ease of use are key demands, such as Educational Fields, Semi-Conductors, Engineering and Material Science as well as Industrial Quality Control.

The BA310MET-T model adds a transmitted light option which allows viewing of transparent and interior bore samples and greatly increases the number of industrial applications.

All models feature the powerful and adjustable Epi-Illuminator with a 12V/50W halogen bulb light source for reflective samples. The halogen bulb is easily replaced with an LED module (available in 4500K or 6000K color temperature) to increase illumination options. A built-in field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm help to optimize image quality by reducing stray light and increasing contrast.

BA310MET and BA310MET-T Microscope Systems Diagram

Siedentopf Observation Tube

Siedentopf Observation Tube

The BA310METs Siedentopf observation tube is designed with an ergonomic viewing angle of 30° and incorporating an interpupillary distance of 55-75mm. The BA310METs observation tubes guarantee fatigue-free viewing for hours. A large field view (20mm) enables fast and comfortable screening of a specimen. The trinocular tubes allow digital documentation and integration to a wide variety of digital cameras, with a standard 20/80 light split for the trinocular photo video port. An optional trinocular tube with an erect image and a 50/50 light split is also available.

BA310MET Standard eyepieceE  


The standard eyepieces, N-WF 10x/20 with high eyepoint for eyglass wearers, made of high quality optical glass, provide consistent diopter adjustments for both eyes. This enables perfect usage of reticles for measuring purposes. Lockable countersunk screws to fix the eyepieces prevent inadmissable removable and confirm the dedication of Motic® to student-proof quality. Rubber eye cups are standard. Eyepieces with FOV 22mm are optional.


Reversed Quintuple Turret Revolving Nosepiece

The BA310MET has the capability of mounting up to five quality objectives. A precision click-stop mechanism ensures precise alignment of objectives. The ball bearing 5-fold nosepiece shows a reversed orientation of the lenses and ensures parcentration and repeatability with every magnification change.



With the BA310MET, Motic® introduces a new generation of Metallurgical LM Plan objectives.  These plan objectives are made of high quality glass and employ Motic’s CCIS® Optical  Concept.  Multi- layer coating ensures improved contrast and image quality and the tube lens provides a completely corrected intermediate image, accessible  by the photo port exit of the trinocular models. Documentation, therefor, is based on maximum image quality. RMS thread.

Objective Specifications
Type Magnification N.A.W.D. (mm)
5x 0.13 20.3
10x 0.25 17.5
20x 0.40 8.1
50x 0.55 8.4
100x 0.80 2.0



The Epi-Illuminator on the BA310MET models is based on a 12V/50W Halogen light source. The unit’s power supply is separated from the stand to avoid unnecessary heat surrounding the microscope.

The Halogen bulb can be replaced by an LED module (either 4500K or 6000K) simply plugged into the Halogen lamp socket. The adjustable field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm guarantees homogenous illumination and image contrast quality. The simple polarization set enables a useful “POL contrast” and helps improve image contrast, especially in low power objectives.


The BA310MET-T models add a standard Koehler 6V/30W halogen transmitted light illuminator with field diaphragm. Replacement of the halogen bulb with a LED module (4500K or 6000K) is a simple plug-in option. The BA310MET-T microscopes feature a new N.A. 0.85 condenser to ensure the best possible illumination. A very secure screw on filter holder is standard.

Haolgen Illumination   Halogen Bulb   LED Illumination   LED Illumination
Standard Halogen Epi-Illumination   Halogen Bulb   Optional LED Module   Kohler Transmitted Light
Illumination for BA310MET-T

Mechanical Stages

Depending on the application, three different stages are available for the BA310MET. All stages provide a convenient sample movement with their triple plate design.

The standard stage for the BA310MET is 180 x 140mm (7" x 5-1/2") and has a travel range of 75 x 50mm (3" x 2").

The BA310MET-T models come with a 240 x 140mm (9-1/2" x 5-1/2") stage which will support larger samples. The movement is 75 x 50mm (3" x 2"). A glass stage insert is provided and a slide holder is optional.

For extended demands, a 300x 180mm (11-7/8" x 7") stage with a movement of 150 x 100mm (6" x 4") can be supplied with the BA310MET-T, as a special order non-stock option.

standard BA310MET stage
standard BA310MET-T stage
Optional BAMET-T Stage
Standard BA310MET Stage
(180 x 140mm)
Standard BA310MET-T Stage
(240 x 140mm)
Optional Stage for BAMET-T
(300x 180mm)


ba310met digital documentation trinocular microscope  

Digital Documentation

The combination of the Motic® BA310MET Trinocular or the BA310MET-T Trinocular and any of the Moticam® series of CMOS cameras will deliver excellent live images which can be easily stored for future use. All Motic® cameras come equipped with software to transform the BA310MET Trinocular series into an analysis and documentation station.

C-mount adapters of 1x, 0.65x and 0.5x, chosen in relation to chip size of digital camera used, are needed to connect any C-mount digital camera to trinocular port. Should you choose a Motic® or third-party camera, Motic® provides a range of C-mount adapters which are necessary for trinocular port attachment.

Standard Photomicrography

Use of a traditional SLR style camera requires a trinocular version of the BA310MET. A mechanical T-mount adapter combined with a photo eyepiece (2.5x or 4x) must be fitted to the microscope.

A T/T2 adapter (supplied by the camera manufacturer) may also be necessary for this application.

BA310MET Technical Specifications
Optical System CCIS® Optical System (Color Corrected Infinity System)
Eyepiece  N-WF 10x/20mm with diopter adjustment
Observation tube Widefield binocular 30° (F.N. 20);
Widefield trinocular 30° (F.N. 20), light distribution 100:0/20:80;
Widefield trinocular 30° (F.N. 20), light distribution 50:50 fixed, erect image
Interpupillary Distance 55-75mm
Nosepiece Quintuple reversed
Focus Coaxially movement; 30mm stroke; Fine focus with 2µm minimum increment
Stage 180 x 140mm surface; 75 x 50mm movement; coaxial movement
Incident Light 12V/50W Halogen illuminator with external power supply; Halogen bulb exchangeable with 3W LED (4500K, 6000K)
Power Requirements Universal; 110-240V; 50/60Hz
Optional Accessories Polarizer, Analyzer, Camera adapter (0.5x, 0.65x, 1x)
Specimen Thickness Maximum 30mm

ba310met-t dimensions ba310 dimensions
BA310MET Dimensions (unit: mm)
BA310MET-T Dimensions (unit: mm)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Complete Systems for the BA310MET and BA310MET-T
22570-10 BA310MET Binocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, LM Plan Achromat Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, Halogen 12V/50W Epi-Illumination each $4425.00
22570-12 BA310MET Trinocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, LM Plan Achromat Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, Halogen 12V/50W Epi-Illumination each 5045.00
22570-11 BA310MET-T Binocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, LM Plan Achromat Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, Halogen 12V/50W Epi-Illumination and Quartz Halogen 6V/30W Koehler Illumination each 5291.00
22570-14 BA310MET-T Trinocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, LM Plan Achromat Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, Halogen 12V/50W Epi-Illumination and Quartz Halogen 6V/30W Koehler Illumination each 5238.00

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Accessories and Options for the BA310MET and BA310MET-T
Observation Tube
22570-154 Binocular Tube each $209.00
22570-155 Trinocular Tube, Invert Image each 438.00
22570-156 Trinocular Tube, Erect Image each 632.00
Eyepieces (each)
22460-312 N-WF10x/20 (FN20), Focusable with Diopter Adjustment each 146.00
22455-313 N-WF15x/16mm, focusable with diopter adjustment each 141.00
22455-312 N-WF10x/22 (FN22), Focusable with Diopter Adjustment each 211.00
Reticles (each)
22455-301 Cross Line Reticle ø25mm each 61.00
22455-302 Cross Line Reticle with Micrometer (100 div. in 10mm), ø25mm each 61.00
22455-303 Micrometer Reticle (100 div. in 10mm), ø25mm each 60.00
Objective Lens
22570-330 LM Plan Achromat Objective 5x/0.13 (WD=20.3mm) each 145.00
22570-331 LM Plan Achromat Objective 10x/0.25 (WD=17.5mm) each 330.00
22570-332 LM Plan Achromat Objective 20x/0.40 (WD=8.1mm) each 454.00
22570-333 LM Plan Achromat Objective 50x/0.55 (WD=8.4mm) each 1090.00
22570-334 LM Plan Achromat Objective 100x/0.80 (WD=2.0mm) each 1153.00
Simple Polarizing
22570-422 Simple Add On Analyzer each 75.00
22570-424 Simple Add On Polarizer each 44.00
Photo and Video Adapters - Necessary for Camera Mounting on Trinocular Port
22455-400 2.5x SLR Projection Lens, Requires Photo Eyepiece each 153.00
22455-402 Photo Eyepiece 2.5x for Photo Adapter each 270.00
22455-404 Photo Eyepiece 4x for Photo Adapter each 212.00
22455-405 1.0x C-Mount Camera Adapter (no lens) each 193.00
22455-406 0.65x C-Mount Adapter for 2/3" Chip Sensors each 193.00
22455-407 0.5x C-Mount Adapter for 1/2" Chip Sensors each 165.00
22439-408 0.35x C-mount camera adapter for 1/3" chip sensors each 265.00
Optional Accessories and Replacements
22570-430 Yellow Filter (32mm) each 22.00
22570-431 Green Filter (32mm) each 22.00
22570-432 Blue Filter (32mm) each 12.00
22565-341 Frosted Filter (32mm) each 15.00
22431-422 Blue Filter (45mm), for BA310MET-T each 17.00
22570-500 Slide Glass Holder, for BA310MET-T each 67.00
22570-501 Wafer Holder, for BA310MET-T each 85.00
22570-502 6V/3W LED Module, 4500K, for BA310MET-T (Transmitted Light) each 112.00
22570-503 6V/3W LED Module, 6000K, for BA310MET-T (Transmitted Light) each 112.00
22570-504 Epi-Illuminator 12V/50W Halogen, for BA310MET and BA310MET-T (Refelective Light) each 1299.00
22570-505 Epi-Illuminator 12V/3W LED Module 4500K, for BA310MET and BA310MET-T (Refelective Light) each 186.00
22570-506 Epi-Illuminator 12V/3W LED Module 6000K, for BA310MET and BA310MET-T (Refelective Light) each 186.00
22431-230 Quartz Halogen Lamp, 6V/30W each 24.00
22570-507 Quartz Halogen Lamp, 12V/50W each 23.10

Motic Microscope Cameras

Moticam® Digital Color Cameras for BA310MET
and BA310MET-T Trinocular Microscopes

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