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SEM Supplies
TEM Supplies

Materials Science Equipment,
Supplies & Applications

New Products for Materials Science
Scribing and Cleaving Solutions
Now Manufactured by &
Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

PELCO® Scribing
& Cleaving Solutions
cleaving kits
Now Manufactured by &
Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

Scribing & Cleaving Kits
EBSD HolderEBSD Holder M4
NEW EBSD Holders

Pressure Pot
TechnovitTechnovit Cast
NEW Kulzer Technovit® Acrylic Resin Systems & Sample Kits
kulzer technotray unitPekalux Power LED Light Curing Unit Kit
NEW Kulzer Technovit®
Light Curing Systems
technovit provil
NEW Kulzer Technovit® Impressioning System
pelco pressure pot
NEW Kulzer Technovit® 2200 Light Curing Impression System

NEW First Contact™
Cleaning Solution
DiATOME Knives
Now Available
from Ted Pella, Inc.

DiATOME® Diamond Knives
wafer carriers for upright storage
NEW Wafer Carriers
& Storage
lapping fixtures
NEW PELCO® Precision
Lapping Fixtures
NEW 83070 Dimpler Tool
Kit for Large Samples
NEW Dimpling Tools & Accessories

NEW Polishing Cloths

Materials Science Equipment

Formerly LatticeGear™, now Manufactured
by & Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

PELCO® Scribing & Cleaving Solutions
PELCO Precision Wire Saw
PELCO® Precision
Wire Saw™
PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
PELCO® Precision
Low Speed Saw
PELCO Dimpler
PELCO® Dimpler™
for TEM Specimens
PELCO Video Alignment Microscope
PELCO® Video
Alignment Microscope
590 Polisher
PELCO® Precision
Thinning Instruments

SliceMaster Sample
Preparation Tools
Sectioning Saw
XP Sectioning Saw
Grinder Lapper Polisher
Polishing Machines
Metallurgical Microscope
Light Microscopy
& Calibration

NEW PELCO® Pressure Pot

Materials Science Supplies
wire blades
wire blades

Diamond Sectioning
& Wafering Blades
Embedding Powder
Castable Embedding Supplies
Embedding Powder
Compression Mounting Supplies
Fixturing & Mounting Adhesives & Waxes
PELCO Sample Clamp
PELCO® Sample Clamp
Grinding Machines & Supplies
diamond lapping
Lapping Film
colloidal silica suspensionpolishing cloth discs
Polishing Supplies

SEM Accessories
& Supplies

FIB Supplies
pelco tem 50 mesh gridpelco transmission electron microscopy grid
pelco honeycomb tem gridpelco slot grid

TEM Accessories
& Supplies

Atomic Force Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Supplies
Plate Storage Cabinet
Storage Solutions
Safety Supplies
protective face shield disposable3M 8293 p100 particulate respirator
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Cleaner & Detergent
silicon chip supports for semSubstrates LabwareLabware Pipettes
NEW First Contact™
Cleaning Solution

Materials Science Applications
Embedding Powder

Embedding Powder
Electronics /