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Materials Science Overview
Electronics & Semiconductors Overview

Formerly from LatticeGear™

Now Manufactured by & Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

PELCO® Scribing & Cleaving Solutions

LatticeAx 420
PELCO® LatticeAx® 420

LatticeAx 225
PELCO® LatticeAx® 225
LatticeAx 120
PELCO® LatticeAx® 120
PELCO Small Sample Cleaver
PELCO® Small Sample Cleaver™
PELCO FlexScribe
PELCO® FlexScribe™
PELCO FlipScribe
PELCO® FlipScribe®

Scribing & Cleaving Kits

Scribing Tools & Accessories
diamond scriber
diamond scriber angled tip short handle
diamond scribe bent
carbide cleaver

Marking, Fiber-optic
& other Scribing Tools