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Now Manufactured by & Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

PELCO® LatticeAx® 420

The Ultimate High Accuracy Indent and Cleaving System

The PELCO® LatticeAx® 420 (formerly from LatticeGear™) provides the Highest level of Accuracy and Performance in the PELCO® LatticeAx® Indent and Cleaving System model lineup. The PELCO® LatticeAx® 420 delivers our highest cleaving accuracy of 10μm in less than 5 minutes making it ideal for any lab that values speed and high accuracy while at the same time needing to accommodate a variety of sample sizes, thicknesses and material types. The patented PELCO® LatticeAx® base is integrated with a complete vision package that includes a monocular microscope with 4μm optical resolution, color CCD camera and real-time image acquisition and display software, and an X-Y stage. This dedicated cleaving workstation is designed so any trained user can easily survey, align, micro-indent, cleave, and inspect processed samples.


  • Ultra high accuracy positioning of target (±10µm)
  • Focus mount with coarse and fine focus control
  • Monocular, parfocal, zoom lens (0.58-7x mag) with color CCD camera
    (computer and monitor not included)
  • Indent position control with 5µm step size
  • Polished tip diamond indenter 5 minute process sample setup to cleave
  • Simple to use, ergonomic design and small footprint
  • Cleaves a wide range of materials and sample sizes
  • Clock dial for indent depth calibration
Diamond Indenter Cleaved Semiconductor Delidded MEMS Device

PELCO® LatticeAx® 420 Video

Ordering Information

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54300 PELCO® LatticeAx® 420 Sample Cleaving System, 110V each P.O.R.
54300-220 PELCO® LatticeAx® 420 Sample Cleaving System, 220V each P.O.R.

Small Sample Hold-downs

The PELCO® Small Sample Cleaver™

Using simple mechanics, the PELCO® Small Sample Cleaver™ (formerly from LatticeGear™) uses a novel sample holder and a cleaving platform to safely cleave samples into chips as small as 2 x 2mm. The novel sample holder allows samples from 4-10mm to be held during indenting and cleaving. No more handling samples directly with fingers – gloved hands are ok. The holder has no screws, springs or pins. Accepts samples from 3-15mm in width and 200-900µm in thickness.


  • Accepts samples from 3-15mm in width and 200-900µm in thickness
  • Four magnetic hold-downs for various sample thicknesses
  • Securely transfer the sample to the PELCO® LatticeAx® for indent, then back to the Small Sample Cleaver™ for cleaving
  • Two cleaving pins for cleaving a variety of sample types
  • Gauge sets the sample for an 0.5mm indent versus the standard 1mm indent on the PELCO® LatticeAx®

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54367 PELCO® Small Sample Cleaver™ Cleaving System each $1495.00

Large Sample Platform

Large Sample Platform for PELCO® LatticeAx®

The Large Sample Platform is a PELCO® LatticeAx® option that adds support for wafers and samples up to 300mm. It consists of a support system and an indenter extension. The five fingers support large samples while the extender puts the fine-positioning knob for the indenter within easy reach. The Large Sample Platform fits on all models of PELCO® LatticeAx® systems and is easy to install with a single set screw.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54305 Large Sample Platform for all PELCO® LatticeAx® Models each $795.00

Replacement Indenters
for PELCO® LatticeAx®


Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54301 Replacement Indenter for PELCO® LatticeAx®, Standard each $655.00
54302 Replacement Indenter for PELCO®LatticeAx®, Short each 655.00
54303 Replacement Indenter for PELCO® LatticeAx®, High Angle each 705.00