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Now Manufactured by & Available from Ted Pella, Inc.

The PELCO® FlexScribe™

Precision Topside Scribing for all Materials

The PELCO® FlexScribe™ (formerly from LatticeGear™) is a super-fast, simple method for downsizing wafers and samples by scribing on the topside. It uses a scribing wheel mounted to a sliding scribing mechanism that always makes a straight scribe. This system is used to scribe a wide variety of materials without restrictions on shape, including glass slides, coverslips, silicon, III-V, sapphire and other crystalline and brittle materials. It can address very small samples down to 5mm up to 200mm wafers for the #54340 model, and up to 300mm wafers for the #54342 model.

The standard tungsten carbide cutter installed on the PELCO® FlexScribe™ is great for a wide variety of samples including silicon, glass, GaAs and other crystalline materials. Diamond and deep-cutting scribing wheels are also available.

Indenter recommendations:

#54346  Tungsten carbide scribing wheel is good for general purpose use.
#54343  Diamond cutter for very thin glass, tempered glass and hard materials such as sapphire.
#54344  Deep cutting wheel, for applications like thick glass or off-axis cleaving.

Application Examples

Break down wafers Cleave strips and dies Cleave off crystal axis

Cleave glass and Sapphire Cut coupons for section cleaving Cleave irregular shapes

Product Videos

Ordering Information

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54340 PELCO® FlexScribe™ 200 Front-Side Scribing Tool for up to 200mm Wafers each $1925.00
54342 PELCO® FlexScribe™ 300 Front-Side Scribing Tool for up to 300mm Wafers each P.O.R.
54343 Diamond Scribing Wheel for PELCO® FlexScribe™ each 249.00
54344 Deep Cut Scribing Wheel for PELCO® FlexScribe™ each 42.50
54346 Standard Replacement Scribing Wheel for PELCO® FlexScribe™ each 42.50
54345 Double-Sided Ruled Mat for PELCO® FlexScribe™ 200 each 22.00
54348 Double-Sided Ruled Mat for PELCO® FlexScribe™ 300 each 22.00