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Material Science Overview
Materials Science Embedding Supplies Overview

Metallographic Equipment,
Supplies & Accessories

Metallographic Equipment
PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
PELCO® Precision
Low Speed Saw
PELCO Precision Wire Saw
NEW PELCO® Precision
Wire Saw™
Sectioning Saw
Sectioning Saw
grinder, lapper, polisher
Grinders, Lappers,
590 Polisher
PELCO® Precision Thinning Tools
Mini Hot Vacuum Desiccator
Vacuum Desiccators

NEW PELCO® Pressure Pot
Metallurgical Microscope
Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallographic Supplies & Accessories
Smart Cut Synthetic Water Soluble Cutting Fluid Diamond Sectioning / Wafering Blades
Diamond Sectioning / Wafering Blades
Embedding Powder
Castable Embedding Supplies
TechnovitTechnovit Cast
NEW Kulzer Technovit® Embedding & Impressioning Supplies
Embedding Powder
Compression Mounting Supplies
Grinding Consumables
diamond lapping Lapping Film colloidal silica suspensionpolishing cloth discs
Polishing Supplies
Pipettes kimwipes dispenser
nitrile glovesSafety Supplies
Metallographic Sample Leveling Press PELCO<sup>®</sup> Plast Support Putty
PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue
Metallographic Microscopy Accessories