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NEW XP 20 Grinder/Polisher

xp 20 grinder / polisher
XP 20 Grinder/Polisher shown with flexible and
adjustable water spout and drainage tubing
xp 20 grinder / polisher with buckets
XP 20 Grinder/Polisher also comes
with a standalone fluid supply
This compact 8"/20.3cm Grinder, Lapper, Polisher is well suited for manual finishing of specimens using PSA backed grinding, lapping and polishing (cloths) discs as well as diamond and aluminum oxide films. The housing is made from sturdy, non-corroding plastic. The durable 1/4 hp motor has a variable speed control for 700-2800 rpm to select the optimum speed for grinding or polishing. The XP 20 includes a flexible and adjustable water spout for grinding, lapping and polishing applications. The XP 20 also comes with a standalone fluid supply system for use where running water or drainage is not available or not advised. When using the standalone fluid supply system, slurries and suspensions as well as water may be dispensed. This grinder/polisher is ideally suited for smaller labs and priced so that you can afford multiple dedicated XP 20 Grinder/Polishers.

Power 1/4 hp, 110V, 3.6A (or 230V 1.8A)
Disc Size 8" (203mm)
Disc Type Screw back type (1/4"-20 thread)
Speed Control 700-2800 RPM
Water Supply Flexible water spout with variable control
Water Connection 3/16" tubing connection - 3ft 3/16" tubing included
Drain 1/2" tubing connection - 3ft 1/2" drain hose included
Overall Dimensions 12" W x 12" D x 8-1/2" H (300 x 300 x 216mm)
Weight 9.5 lbs. (4.3kg)
8" disc of the XP 8

The 8" Aluminum Platen of the XP 20 Grinder/Polisher is of the screwback type (leaving a flat surface on top) and can be easily exchanged for platens with other grinding/lapping/polishing discs.

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replacement splash guard Replacement Splash Guard (#812-373) for the XP 20 Grinder/Polisher

Consumables for use with the XP 20 Grinder/Polisher:

Grinding Discs & Films
Lapping Films
Polishing Cloths
Polishing Compounds, Paste, Sprays, Suspensions
Metal Cleaning/Polish Compounds

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
812-370 XP 20 Grinder/Polisher, 8"/20.3cm, 110V each $1500.00
812-371 XP 20 Grinder/Polisher, 8"/20.3cm, 220V each 1500.00
812-372 Replacement 8" Platen for XP 20 Grinder/Polisher each 85.00
812-373 Replacement Splash Guard for XP 20 Grinder/Polisher each 47.40