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NEW PELCO® easiCore™

Precision Rotary Disc Cutter & Drill

PELCO Dimpler

PELCO Dimpler PELCO Dimpler PELCO Dimpler
1" Work Table (#76015),
1 x 3" Al Sample Mount (#75053)
on PELCO® easiCore™ Stage
2" Work Table (#76012),
2 x 2" Al Sample Mount (#85051)
on PELCO® easiCore™ Stage
Large Area Platen Set (#83042)
on PELCO® easiCore™ Stage

The PELCO® easiCore™ Rotary Disc Cutter is a precision instrument designed to align and cut discs from or drill holes into a wide range of materials using brass core drills and abrasive slurry. The rotating tool is lowered onto the specimen with the force controlled by an easily adjustable counterbalanced weight. The most common application for the instrument is to cut 3.0mm discs for TEM, but a range of metric and Imperial core drill diameters are available for other applications, from semiconductors to battery materials.

Unlike ultrasonic disc cutters that can only cut brittle materials, the gentle lapping action of the PELCO® easiCore™ can cut soft metals, hard ceramics and even fragile crystals. Specimens may be mounted on fixtures that are compatible with the PELCO® Precision Wire Saw™, PELCO® Precision Low Speed Saw™, or PELCO® Dimpler™ for simplification of workflow. Once on the stage, the sample may be precisely positioned in both the X and Y directions by using the sliding X-Y stage with rulers marked at 1mm intervals.

There are several cutting modes including an automatic stop with an optional timed delay to ensure that samples are fully cut even if they were mounted or cut slightly asymmetrically. There is also a timed mode up to 120 minutes. The variable speed is adjustable from 100–1500 RPM and the load on the specimen is continuously variable up to 1kg (2.2 lbs). For long cuts where abrasive replenishment is needed, the PELCO® easiCore™ is compatible with the PELCO® Abrasive Dispenser for timed/measured dispense of abrasive suspensions.


  • Gentle lapping action cuts virtually all materials including those which cannot be cut with an ultrasonic cutter.
  • High tolerance rotational accuracy prevents cracking and chipping of even extremely delicate materials.
  • Portability of PELCO® Dimpler™, PELCO® Precision Wire Saw™, and PELCO® Precision Low Speed Saw™ specimen mounts increases throughput and maximizes specimen yield.
  • Capable of cutting discs from 2.3–25mm in metric sizes and 1/8–1/2" in Imperial sizes.
  • Constant gravity feed mechanism and automatic termination minimize operator supervision.
  • Auto-stop switch incorporates a time delay which eliminates the possibility of premature shut-off.
  • LED ring light illuminates the stage and allows for easy alignment of the region of interest to the core drill.
  • Measured X-Y stage allows for precision positioning during repeated sampling.

PELCO® easiCore™ Specifications

Power 100–240 VAC 50, 60Hz
Bit Size metric 2.3–25mm, Imperial 1/8–1/2"
Maximum Applied Load 1kg (2.2lbs)
Speed Control 100–1500 RPM
Delay Stop 30–90 seconds
Timer Mode up to 120 minute run time
Overall Dimensions 17" W x 8" D x 14-1/2" H (381 x 203 x 368mm)
Weight 9.1kg (20 lbs)
X-Y Stage 50mm total travel in X and Y directions
  PELCO easiCore Panel

Accessories for the PELCO® easiCore™

1" Work Table
2" Work Table
Platen Set

Platen Set

Large Area Platen
with Base

1 and 2" Work Tables are compatible with the PELCO® Precision Wire Saw™ allowing samples to be moved seamlessly between the saw and the PELCO® easiCore™.   Platen Sets for the PELCO® Dimpler™ are compatible with the stage of the PELCO® easiCore™. Choose from the Standard Platen Set, Adjustable Platen Set or the Large Area Platen Set.

Specimens may be mounted on fixtures that are compatible with:
PELCO® Precision Wire Saw™
PELCO® Dimpler™
PELCO® Precision Low Speed Saw™

Consumables for use with the PELCO® easiCore™:
Grinding Powders
Polishing Compounds, Paste, Sprays, Suspensions
Mounting & Fixturing Adhesives & Waxes

Ordering Information

The PELCO® easiCore™ is shipped with everything needed to operate, including: the 1" Work Table (#76015), Aluminum and Graphite Sample Mounts, 3mm and a 1/2" Core Drill Bits, as well as Mounting Wax and Abrasive Powder.

All accessories can also be ordered individually.

Manufactured in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
76000 PELCO® easiCore™ Disc Cutter each P.O.R.
76401 Silicone Rubber Slurry Catch each 45.00
76015 PELCO® easiCore™ Work Table, 1" each 650.00
76012 PELCO® easiCore™ Work Table, 2" each 650.00
75053 1 x 3" Al Sample Mount each 8.00
85051 2 x 2" Al Sample Mount each 8.00
75054 Graphite Sample Mount, 0.87 x 2.5 x 0.125" each 7.00
83027 Standard Platen Set each 623.70
83042 Large Area Platen Set each 341.00
76400 Replacement Stage Adapter each 232.00


NEW Brass Core Drills for PELCO® easiCore™

Solid brass, thin wall brass core drills with internal diameters of 2.3–25mm in metric sizes and 1/8–1/2" in Imperial sizes.
Manufactured in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
76023 Brass Core Drill, 2.3mm ID each $36.00
76030 Brass Core Drill, 3mm ID each 36.30
76150 Brass Core Drill, 15mm ID each 36.00
76190 Brass Core Drill, 19mm ID each 36.00
76200 Brass Core Drill, 20mm ID each 36.00
76240 Brass Core Drill, 24mm ID each 36.00
76250 Brass Core Drill, 25mm ID each 36.30
76317 Brass Core Drill, 1/8" ID each 36.30
76127 Brass Core Drill, 1/4" ID each 36.30
76952 Brass Core Drill, 3/8" ID each 36.30
76254 Brass Core Drill, 1/2" ID each 36.30