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MEDIZIME® LF Enzymatic Cleaner/Detergent

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MEDIZIME® LF is an enzymatic cleaner used by medical and dental professionals nationwide.

MEDIZIME® LF is a combination of enzymes and detergents, formulated to safely eliminate proteinaceous contamination and solubilize lipids on flexible optic scopes, surgical instruments and laundry. MEDIZIME® LF is a low foam detergent that facilitates lower suds production in automatic cleaning devices.

The use of an enzymatic cleaner like MEDIZIME® LF, by infection control and gastroenterology professionals, is a critical step in instrument decontamination.

  • Saves time: MEDIZIME® LF once diluted, needs only 2-3 minutes contact time for fiber optic instrumentation.
  • Easy to use: MEDIZIME® LF is packaged as a gallon concentrate container with an accurate 1 oz. pump dispenser or in single-use 1 oz. packets.
  • Cost efficient: MEDIZIME® LF is concentrated yet mild in pH.
  • Environmentally safe: MEDIZIME® LF is 100% biodegradable and phosphate free. This solution is gentle on the environment.


Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19966 MEDIZIME® LF, 1 Gallon Bottle with Pump each $35.50