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PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope

A Fully Digital Alignment and Spotting Microscope for PELCO® Precision Thinning Tools

PELCO Video Alignment Microscope

PELCO Video Alignment Microscope PELCO Video Alignment Microscope PELCO Video Alignment Microscope
Large Area Platen with Sample
in the Platen Positioner
Sample Mount Pedestal
without Platen Set
Screen Showing Sample

The PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope (VAM) is designed for easy alignment and inspection of samples. It was originally designed with, and is an essential accessory for the PELCO® Dimpler™, particularly for deprocessing/delayering and site-specific polishing applications. It allows for easy targeting of an area of interest, as well as precise control of the position, size, and shape of the bottom of the dimple or thinned area of the specimen. The VAM has a magnification of 100X or 200X (digital), with a bright TFT display. This unit includes a number of improvements over the Video Alignment Microscope originally offered by South Bay Technology, particularly with regards to ease of use. These include: much improved platen holding and sample motion; an upgraded display; and a high quality cross-hair in the optical path, rather than screen-mounted.

The sample stage consists of a hexagonal post with a center alignment mark that uses the same sample mounts as the PELCO® Dimpler™. A crosshair allows for precise alignment of the area of interest. If using with the PELCO® Dimpler™, this also corresponds to the center of rotation of the base while dimpling.

The PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope may also be used as an inspection scope for any type of sample preparation, for example with our Lapping Fixtures and other instruments. It is an essential tool for monitoring progress during all kinds of sample preparation. The large, convenient display is easy to read and ergonomic in comparison to a traditional magnifier or optical microscope. Epi-illumination through the objective lens ensures excellent viewing contrast, an important factor when using optical fringes to monitor sample thickness. 


  • Improved platen gripping allows for precise positioning of the sample with the X-Y micrometer stage
  • Precision X-Y stage motion for sample alignment
  • Epi-illumination through the objective lens gives excellent contrast
  • Precision optical cross-hair
  • Switchable digital magnification (100X - 200X)


Length 275mm (10.8")
Width 200mm (7.9")
Height 457mm (18")
Weight 12kg (26.5lb)
Electrical Universal AC input: 100-240 VAC, 15/10 A, 50/60 Hz
Magnification 100X or 200X (digital, switchable)
Platen Diameter 1" (25 mm)
Max Sample Movement +/- 5mm

Compatible Sample Mounts

The PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope is compatible with all of the PELCO® Dimpler™ magnetic bases. A Platen Set is not included with the microscope and should be ordered separately. The Adjustable Platen and Standard Magnetic Base is recommended when using the VAM as an inspection microscope. The pin stub compatible platen (#83043) holds  #16144-9 standard pin stubs (6mm pin length) and allows easy transfer of samples to a scanning electron microscope. A complete list of Dimpler™ tools and accessories can be found here.


83050 83050
Standard Platen Set
Adjustable Platen Set
Large Area Platen
with Base (#83042/83007)
Pin Stub Compatible Large Area Platen with Base (#83043/83007)

PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope Product Video

Ordering Information for the PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
84050 PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope each P.O.R.
Includes: Stage Adjustment Hex Key, Maintenance and Cleaning Kit, and Operation Manual

PELCO® Video Alignment Microscope Accessories

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
83027 Standard Platen Set (with through-hole) each $623.70
83032 Adjustable Platen Set each 535.00
83002 Standard Platen (with through-hole) each 159.50
83004 Adjustable Platen, Fits PELCO® 15000 Lapping Fixture each 137.50
83007 Magnetic Base for Large Area Tool each 247.50
83003 Slurry Retainer Ring for Standard and Adjustable Platens each 121.00
83001 Sapphire Flat each 82.50
83040 Platen for Large Area Tools each 77.00
83008 Magnetic Base for Standard and Adjustable Platen each 247.50