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Lens Cleaning Products

micro pen-tek
Micro Pen-Tek


replacement tips
Pen-Tek Replacement Tips
51914-2, 51914-3)

pen-tek cleaning a lens
Micro Pen-Tek
shown cleaning a lens

Micro Pen-Tek & Pen-Tek Lens Cleaning Pens

The Pen-tek Lens Cleaning Pen is the perfect tool for cleaning optical lenses. This pen-shaped cleaning tool has a small, lightweight, cleaning pad on one end with a retractable dust removal brush on the other end. It is easy to use. No more fingerprints, dust and debris. A unique non-liquid cleaning element removes fingerprints without damaging the surface and never dries out.


  • Designed to clean small LCD displays
  • Small tip for reaching smaller areas
  • Contains invisible carbon compound
  • Retractable brush
  • Cleans/removes latent compound, dust
  • Improved cap for longer cleaning life

The Micro Pen-tek (#51912) safely and effectively cleans micro camera lenses. With its specially designed Micro-tip, flat and round tip, (#51912-1) it applies the invisible carbon compound to places its bigger brothers can’t reach. Retractable brush removes dust and the unique invisible carbon compound outperforms all other cleaning systems.

The Pen-tek (#51914) comes with the Filter-tek Tip (#51914-2) for lens and filter cleaning. 

Additional available tips for the Pen-tek (#51914):

Digi-tek semi-triangular shaped tip (#51914-1): cleans into the corners of the screen. Designed specifically to clean the small digital glass and LCD screens, general lenses, PDAs, cell phones, etc.
Round and concave cleaning tips (#51914-2): designed to clean digital camera filters, digital cameras, binocular lenses, eyepieces and other optical items.
Round and flat cleaning tip (#51914-3): designed to clean filters for digital cameras, video cameras, and more.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
51912 Micro Pen-Tek Lens Cleaning Pen with replacement tip each $16.00
51912-1 Micro Pen-Tek Replacement Round tips for 51912 pkg/3 20.25
51914 Pen-Tek Lens Cleaning Pen with Replacement Triangular Tip each 15.99
51914-1 Pen-Tek Replacement Triangular Tips for 51914 pkg/3 20.25
51914-2 Pen-Tek Replacement Flat Tips for 51914 pkg/3 20.25
51914-3 Pen-Tek Replacement Round Concave Tips for 51914 pkg/3 20.25

lens tissue

Box (#806) and Booklet (#806-1) shown

PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue

fully comparable to Ross optical lens tissue

The PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue is a high quality optical lens tissue for lenses, optical instruments, electron microscopy and similar applications. PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue is fully lab tested and is comparable to the Ross lens tissue paper in regards to structure, softness, properties and cleaning capabilities. It is a direct replacement for Ross lens tissue and fully compatible for all applications. The tissue is made of 100% new stock, free of minerals and vegetable filler. This lens tissue does not lint or scratch and will not disintegrate under vigorous manipulation and is acid-free with excellent wicking properties.

High quality optical lens tissue for applications such as:

  • Cleaning microscopes, electron microscope parts, optical components, lenses and delicate instruments
  • Wet or dry cleaning
  • Displays
  • Wrapping and protecting optical components and delicate parts
  • Skimming liquid surfaces

The size of the PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue is 114 x 127mm (4-1/2 x 5") and it is available in a box of 1000 sheets or in a pack with 6 booklets of 50 sheets each.

Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
806 PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue, 114 x 127mm, box of 1000 sheets 1 box 1-9 $33.55
10+ 31.87
806-1 PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue, 114 x 127mm, booklets of 50 sheets pkg/6 booklets 1-9 29.00
10+ 27.55

Clean Jet no residue, filtered dust remover

Clean Jet 100 Dust Remover

pressurized cleaner

Nonflammable, ultra-filtered, no residue, ultra clean gas for precision removal of dirt, dust, lint and particulates. Suitable for delicate electronic devices, photographic equipment, microscopes, clean rooms and laboratories. Delivers up to 100 PSIA at 20°C (68°F). No HCFC's or CFC's, ozone safe. Net weight 284g (10 oz.).
SDS (215KB PDF) - There are Hazard Shipping Fees associated with this product. - Hazard Shipping Fees

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
81700-01 Clean Jet 100 Dust Remover, 10 oz. can each $31.00

Rubber Squeeze Blower
Rubber Squeeze Blower

Rubber Blower with Plastic Tip

This Rubber Blower has a metal nozzle and inlet valve. The nozzle is plastic-sheathed to prevent marking of delicate parts. Provides a strong, directed air stream for cleaning when the bulb is squeezed. A substitute for pressurized cans. Swiss made.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54533 Rubber Blower with Plastic Tip each $33.00

cotton gloves

Cotton Gloves

Feels cooler, more comfortable and is easier to remove than plastic or synthetic gloves. Re-usable, soft style glove to avoid fingerprints and scratches. Breathable material

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
24870 Cotton Gloves, S, Size 8 pkg/12 pair $13.50
24879 Cotton Gloves, M, Size 9 pkg/12 pair 13.50
24871 Cotton Gloves, L, Size 10 pkg/12 pair 13.50

sparkle optical lens cleaner

Sparkle Optical Lens Cleaner

A transparent non-ammonia, non-alcohol, safe cleaner for high tech lenses. Apply Sparkle Optical Lens Cleaner to surface to be cleaned and wipe with clean Lens Cleaning Cloth. Excellent for microscopes, magnifiers, eye glasses and safety goggles. Do not use on contact lenses. Anti-Static properties limit dust attraction. Testimonials from universities and private labs as the first non-alcohol product that is safe for objective lens use.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
80919 Sparkle Optical Lens Cleaner, 119.4 ml (4 oz.) each $5.75

3M™ Lens Cleaning Cloth

3M™ Lens Cleaning Cloth

Lint-free and Scratch-free! The unique 3M™ microfibers lift dust and oils from delicate lenses without the use of chemicals. Ideal for eyeglass lenses, camera lenses, binoculars, microscopes and other delicate surfaces. The cloth is reusable and machine washable hundreds of times. Individually packaged 18 x 16cm (7" x 6") cloths, 10 to a box, two boxes (20 cloths) per case. Note: Cloths will not scratch surfaces, but can pick up particles that scratch. Each box contains multiple colors; blue, yellow and gray. Go to Sparkle Optical Lens Cleaner.

Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
For Sale in U.S.A. Only
813-20 3M™ Lens Cleaning Cloth case/20 1-9 $44.00
10+ 39.60