Cressington Coaters Overview

108C Auto Carbon Coater

for scanning electron microscopy sample preparation and x-ray micro-analysis

108C Auto Carbon Coater 9602

The 108C Auto Carbon Coater with Ø120mm Chamber

The 108C Auto Carbon Coater is one of the most advanced sample coaters available for coating non-conductive specimens prior to SEM X-ray analysis. The unique feedback-controlled rod evaporation system gives multiple evaporations of around 20nm thickness without any need for rod shaping or adjustment. The high purity stepped carbon rods used in the 108C Auto deliver a superior coating quality usable at high magnifications. The 108C is a compact system, simple to operate and has very rapid pumping cycle time. The option of the MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor allows conducting carbon films to be tailored to the exact requirements of the sample.

The 108C Auto Carbon Coater uses a novel evaporation supply. Current and voltage are monitored by sensor wires in the head, and the evaporation source is controlled as part of a feedback loop. The supply gives the conventional rod feed source excellent stability and reproducibility. Power consumption is low, and the source shows exceptional re-starting characteristics. The evaporation source can be operated in "pulse" or "continuous" modes.

Carbon Coater Carbon Assembly
bradle type carbon source
Sample chamber with Ø63mm
height adjustable stage
Head with "Bradley type"
carbon rod assembly

The 108C Auto Carbon Coater offers the choice of either manual or automatic operation. In automatic mode, the evaporation source operates as a programmed voltage for a programmed time. The programmer is simply adjusted and displays voltage and time digitally. In manual mode, the unique 108C Auto Carbon Coater supply can be operated in "pulse" or "continuous" with the output voltage set using the rotary control.

The 108C Auto Carbon Coater can be fitted with an optional MTM-10 Thickness Monitor. Resolution is better than 0.1nm for carbon. Careful use of the monitor and evaporation controller gives better reproducibility of coating thickness in the useful 15nm to 25nm range.

108C Auto Carbon Coater shown with the MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor
108C Auto Carbon Coater shown with the
MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor (optional)

The 108C has a 120mm outer diameter chamber. For a larger chamber system, the 108C Auto/SE is also available. This system has a larger 150mm outer diameter chamber and has the option of adding the Rotary-Planetary-Tilting or Rotary-Tilting Stages. There are no rotary stage options available for the for the 108C.

How do the 108C Auto and the 108C Auto/SE compare?

108C Auto/SE Carbon Coater
108C Auto/SE
108C Auto Carbon Coater
108C Auto
1. Increased chamber diameter
Chamber size has been increased to permit coating of larger samples. Standard Chamber 150mm dia. x 165mm
150mm dia. 120mm dia.
2. Variable chamber geometry (option)
Adjustable chamber height is used to improve coating uniformity and vary the deposition rate
X -
3. Sample stage movements (option)
Separate rotary, planetary and tilting sample movements to optimize coating distribution and coverage.
X -

108C Auto Carbon Coater Accessories & Consumables
carbon rods
Carbon & Carbon Shaper
thickness measurement systems
MTM-10 Thickness Monitor
RVP pump for 108 coaters
Vacuum Systems & Connections

Spares & Consumables for 108 Series Coaters
Specifications for the 108C Auto Carbon Coater

Ordering Information

108C Auto Carbon Coater
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
9632 108C Auto Carbon Coater V2, 115V* each P.O.R.
9632-220 108C Auto Carbon Coater V2, 220V* each P.O.R.
*The 108C Auto Carbon Coater includes: Specimen Table for 12 pin-mounts; operation manual

Accessories & Options for the 108C
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Vacuum Pump & Connections
92080 Rotary Vane Pump RVP 100-3.5, 6m³/hr, 115volts, 50/60Hz each $1395.00
92080-220 Rotary Vane Pump RVP 100-3.5, 6m³/hr, 230volts, 50/60Hz each 1395.00
92080-108 All Metal Connection Kit each 390.00
891-31 PELCO® Ultra 19 Rotary Pump Oil each 17.80
92061 Exhaust Filter, Max Flow Rate 3CFM, without adapter, 1/2" male NPT thread each 160.75
896 PELCO Bell Jar Kleen™, 14 oz. each 14.36
Optional Carbon Fiber Source
9617-F-108 Carbon Fiber source for 108C each 875.00
Optional MTM-10 Thickness Monitor
93004 MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor System* 110VAC, 50/60Hz each 2475.00
93004-220 MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor System* 220VAC, 50/60Hz each 2475.00
93008 Replacement Crystals for MTM-10/20 each 42.00
93009 Replacement Crystals for MTM-10/20 each 93.30
*The MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor System include: MTM Controller Box, BNC Cable, Oscillator, Vacuum feedthrough; Cables; Crystal holder, test crystal; Instructions

Ted Pella, Inc has been an authorized distributor, including exclusive in the Americas, for the complete range of Cressington vacuum coating systems for over 25 years. Cressington Scientific Instruments Ltd, based in Watford, UK develops, designs and manufactures vacuum coating systems for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) specimen preparation and thin film research applications. Core competencies of Cressington are vacuum technology, DC magnetron sputtering technology, electron beam evaporation technology for EM, cryo technology for EM and thermal evaporation. The Cressington products range comprises 108 series sputter coaters for standard SEM sample coating, the 108 series carbon coaters for standard EDX coating, the 208HR for field emission SEM (FESEM) sample coating, and the 208C high vacuum turbo carbon coater for TEM/EBSD/microprobe carbon coating. Cressington takes pride in building products which have excellent quality, are compact bench-top systems and are easy to use.