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Motic® AE2000MET Inverted
Metallurgical Microscope

Motic AE2000MET Metallurgical Inverted Microscope
Motic® AE2000MET

The Motic® AE2000MET is an inverted metallurgical microscope that offers a solution for observing large size or irregular samples that could not be fitted under an upright microscope. These include metal parts, materials, minerals, die castings and precision molds etc. This latest addition to the Motic® line is an excellent inverted microscope with cost-efficient pricing for failure analysis, material research or quality control in fields including automotive, aerospace, machinery, tooling fabrication  and iron and steel industries.

A new generation of LM Plan BD long working distance objectives are fitted to the Motic® AE2000MET. Made using high quality glass and an upgraded anti-reflex coating technology, these lenses are suitable for Dark Field, Bright Field, and Polarized Light observation.

AE2000MET Microscope Systems Diagram

eyepiece tubes

Eyepiece Tubes

Ergonomic eyepiece tubes swivel a full 360˚ and adjust to interpupillary distances from 48mm to 75mm. The tube height can be increased up to 40mm using the “Butterfly Mode”. Viewing angle is 45˚ and Field of View is 20mm.
The beam split of 20:80 in the Trinocular head allows for mounting of any modern analog or digital camera.  Motic offers the Moticam line of CMOS cameras, and appropriate C-mount adapters for image capture and analysis.

AE2000MET Standard eyepiece  


The Infinity Corrected CCIS® Optics 10X eyepieces present a flat 20mm field of view and each lens is diopter adjustable. The high eye point principle ensures a sharp image, true color, and minimized eye strain and fatigue.


Quintuple Reversed Nosepiece

The AE2000MET guarantees proper centration and repeatability by employing a special ball-bearing design. The nosepiece is also side facing to facilitate access for manual rotation to engage an objective lens fitted in any of the five lens mounting ports.



The AE200MET is fitted with up -graded LM Plan BD metallurgical, long working distance lenses which use the Motic® CCIS® Infinity Optics concept.  A multi-layer coating and improved lens quality provide  brighter and truer reproductive accuracy.

As an option, an adapter allows for mounting a range of LM Plan Metallurgical lenses for Bright Field observation only.

Bright Field & Dark Field N.A. W.D.(mm)
LM Plan BD 5x 0.13 17.3
LM Plan BD 10x 0.25 16.3
LM Plan BD 20x 0.40 7.3
LM Plan BD 50x 0.55 7.2
Bright Field Only N.A. W.D.(mm)
LM Plan 5x* 0.13 20.3
LM Plan 10x* 0.25 17.5
LM Plan 20x* 0.40 8.1
LM Plan 50x* 0.55 8.4
LM Plan 100x* 0.80 2.1
*Requires adapter


Coaxial fine and coarse focusing mechanism is precision brass and uses a reliable triangular rail system. Coarse focus knob has adjustable tension. Fine focus knob adjusts focus with 2um minimum increments.



Kohler illumination is provided by a high-intensity 12V/50W Halogen lamp which allows for the adjustment of intensity for Bright field, Dark field and Polarized light observation. The AE2000MET incorporates an energy saving “sleep mode” which turns the instrument off if not used for 15 minutes and re-powers automatically when work is resumed.



Bright Field (BF) and Dark Field (DF) Observation

An all-in-one optics system, with one set of objectives is all that is required for both Bright Field and Dark Field observation. Changing from one mode to the other is easily accomplished by a push/pull, BF/DF rod on the side of the instrument.

The AE200MET Eye Protection feature automatically adjusts the illumination down  to a comfortable level when switching from Dark Field to Bright Field. This feature eliminates the potential eye shock to the user caused by the high intensity illumination required for Dark Field.



Simple Polarization

To further extend the possible applications for the AE2000MET, a polarization set (polarizer/analyzer) is available as an option. Installation is the simple insertion of the polarizer into the P-slot and the analyzer into the A-slot. The polarizer is rotatable through 360 degrees.



Mechanical Stage

The three plate X/Y stage measures 280 X 180mm and has a 50 X 50mm travel range. The flat stage surface allows the direct observation of polished surfaces without interference from a mounting medium. It is also equipped with a scale for movement reference. A metal insert plate is standard and a glass insert is available. 


AE2000MET digital documentation trinocular microscope  

Digital Documentation

The integration of the AE2000MET Trinocular microscope with the Moticam® series of digital cameras delivers crisp video images. All Moticam® cameras come with software to transform the AE2000MET into an analysis and documentation station. With USB 2.0 output to the computer, the system provides high resolution imaging in both real-time and capture modes. Should you choose a Motic® or third-party camera, Motic® provides a range of C-mount adapters which are necessary for trinocular port attachment.

Standard Photomicrography

Images may be captured using a 35mm SLR camera with a T-mount. The system consists of an SLR projection lens and photo eyepiece.  Additionally a T/T2 adapter may be required (from a photo supply store) depending on camera.

AE2000MET Tehnical Specifications
Optical System CCIS® Optical System (Color Corrected Infinity System) LM Plan BD Objective
Eyepiece  N-WF 10x/20mm with diopter adjustment
Observation tube Widefield trinocular 40°, light distribution 20:80
Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm
Nosepiece Quintuple reversed
Focus Coaxial movement; Coarse focus with torque adjustment; Fine focus with 2μm minimum increment
Stage 280 x 180mm surface; 50 x 50mm movement; Includes metal stage insert
Illumination 12V/50W Halogen Koehler illumination
Power Requirements Universal; 110-240V; 50/60Hz

AE2000MET Dimensions (unit: mm)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
22565-12 AE2000MET Trinocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, LM Plan BD Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, Halogen 12V/50W Koehler Illumination each P.O.R.
22565-14 AE2000MET Trinocular Body, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, Halogen 12V/50W Koehler Illumination; Complete Except No Objective Lens each P.O.R.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Accessories and Options for the AE2000MET
Eyepieces (each)
22443-312 N-WF10x/20 (FN20), Focusable with Diopter Adjustment each $141.00
Objective Lens CCIS® LM Plan BD
22565-330 LM Plan BD Objective 5x/0.13 (WD=17.3mm) each 352.00
22565-331 LM Plan BD Objective 10x/0.25 (WD=16.3mm) each 654.00
22565-332 LM Plan BD Objective 20x/0.40 (WD=7.3mm) each 857.00
22565-333 LM Plan BD Objective 50x/0.55 (WD=7.2mm) each 1655.00
Objective Lens CCIS® LM Plan Brightfield Only (Adapter Required)
22565-335 Adapter for LM Plan Brightfield Only Lens each 41.00
22565-336 LM Plan Objective 5x/0.13 (WD=20.3mm); Inverted each 140.00
22565-337 LM Plan Objective 10x/0.25 (WD=17.5mm); Inverted each 320.00
22565-338 LM Plan Objective 20x/0.40 (WD=8.1mm); Inverted each 440.00
22565-339 LM Plan Objective 50x/0.55 (WD=8.4mm); Inverted each 1056.00
22565-340 LM Plan Objective 100x/0.80 (WD=2.1mm); Inverted each 1117.00
Simple Polarizing
22565-434 Simple Add On Polarizer each 46.00
22565-435 Simple Add On Analyzer each 147.00
Photo and Video Adapters - Required for Camera Mounting on Trinocular Port
22455-400 2.5x SLR Projection Lens, Requires Photo Eyepiece each 153.00
22455-402 Photo Eyepiece 2.5x for Photo Adapter each 270.00
22455-404 Photo Eyepiece 4x for Photo Adapter each 212.00
22455-405 1.0x C-Mount Camera Adapter (no lens) each 193.00
22455-406 0.65x C-Mount Adapter for 2/3" Chip Sensors each 193.00
22455-407 0.5x C-Mount Adapter for 1/2" Chip Sensors each 165.00
Optional Accessories and Replacements
22565-431 Green Filter each 15.00
22565-432 Blue Filter each 16.00
22565-433 Didymium Filter each 134.00
22565-405 Round Plate Stage Insert each 66.00
22565-406 Oval Plate Stage Insert each 68.00
22570-507 Quartz Halogen Lamp, 12V/50W each 23.10

Motic Microscope Cameras

Moticam® Digital Color Cameras for AE2000MET

Should you choose a Motic® or third-party camera, Motic® provides a range of C-mount adapters which are necessary for trinocular port attachment.

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