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Motic® AE2000 Binocular and Trinocular
Affordable Inverted Microscopes

For Teaching and Lab Applications

AE2000 Trinocular Inverted Microscope

The AE2000 value series of inverted microscopes provide excellent mechanical and optical quality. The Color Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS®) maximizes optical clarity and future expansion of the AE2000 inverted microscope at any time. The AE2000 design has the capability for phase contrast microscopy for which many optional accessories are available. There is a choice of a binocular or trinocular AE2000 microscope. The trinocular microscope allows for adapting video and photo cameras.

A complete range of eyepieces and objectives is available to configure the AE2000 for your application: all options are shown on the Motic® AE20 and AE21(previous model) Microscope Systems Diagram.

Microscope Stand

The stand of the AE2000 inverted microscope provides excellent stability and enables easy and stress free operation. Control for focus, light intensity and the optional mechanical stage are easy to reach.

Motic AE2000 and Ae2100 Light Source and Condenser

Light Source and Condenser

The AE2000 microscopes feature a class leading 6V/30W quartz halogen illumination system providing bright and even illumination at any time. A LED light intensity indicator is conveniently placed at the side of the microscope body.

The pre-centered system comprises a removable condenser allowing for flasks and Petri dishes as high as 180mm to be accommodated on the stage.

Motic AE2100 Observation Tube

Observation Tube on the AE2000 Trinocular Inverted Microscope

The inclination of 45° for the Siedentopf binocular and trinocular tubes is chosen for comfort and posture management. The trinocular versions feature a professional light distribution slide with 20/80% for binocular/photo. The trinocular head is ideal for digital documentation and video projection.

Motic AE2000 and AE2100 Focusable Eyepieces

Focusable Eyepieces

The standard Wide Field high eye point 10x eyepieces for the AE2000 provide the large field of view of 20mm. Users wearing eyeglasses will find the eyepieces' high eye point design very comfortable to use.

Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece

The revolving side facing nosepiece accepts four objectives. The precision ball bearings and the click stop centering ensure that the image remains centered after each change in magnification. The components and the optics are sealed against accidental fluid spills.


The CCIS® E Plan Achromat objectives for inverted microscopes have long free working distances in comparison to normal objectives of the same magnification and provide easy routine operation. RMS thread.

phase contrast condenser

Phase Contrast Microscopy

Phase contrast is the most popular optical contrast method for viewing the detailed structure of unstained or living specimens. The E Plan Phase Achromat objectives, coupled with a simple phase slider, provide outstanding contrast for demanding applications. For a quick and easy change of magnification, a centerable annular ring is provided for 10x and 20x phase objectives in the phase slider. The center position on the slider is designated for bright field microscopy.

Mechanical Stage and accessories

The standard stage is a fixed stage plate: the stage can be widened on both sides with auxiliary stage plates. A hard coating protects the stage surface from abrasion and wear. The tempered glass stage insert allows for checking the objective being used without removing the specimen from the stage. (note: image of AE20 Microscope - similar for AE2000)

An optional attachable mechanical stage with well plate holder with low positioned coaxial controls is available. The mechanical stage also accepts interchangeable specimen holders for Petri dishes and glass slides. (note: image of AE20 Microscope - similar for AE2000)

Digital Documentation

The integration of the AE2000 Trinocular microscope with the Moticam® series of digital cameras delivers crisp video images. All Moticam® cameras come with software to transform the AE2000 into an analysis and documentation station. With USB 2.0 output to the computer, the system provides high resolution imaging in both real-time and capture modes. Should you choose a Motic® or third-party camera, Motic® provides a range of C-mount adapters which are necessary for trinocular port attachment.

Standard Photomicrography

Use of a traditional SLR style camera requires a trinocular version of the AE2000. A mechanical T-mount adapter combined with a photo eyepiece (2.5x or 4x) must be fitted to the microscope.

A T/T2 adapter (supplied by the camera manufacturer) may also be necessary for this application.

Motic® AE2000 and AE2100 Technical Specifications
Optical System CCIS® Optical System (Color Corrected Infinity System)
Observation tube

Siedentopf 45° Binocular or Trinocular heads

Eyepiece  Widefield WF 10x (FN20) with diopter adjustment
Nosepiece Quadruple reversed with splash protection
Coarse/Fine focusing  Coaxially positioned control knobs, coarse 42mm/rotation, fine 0.2mm/rotation. Min. increment 2µm. Coarse motion torque adjustable.
Stage Plain stage 200 x 260mm, hard coated surface.
Topstage Illumination 6V/30W Quartz Halogen lamp, pre-centered
Condenser Removable ELWD NA 0.30 condenser
Power Requirements Universal; 110-240V; 50/60Hz

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Complete Systems for the Motic® AE2000
22443-10 AE2000 Binocular Inverted Microscope, WF10x/20 Eyepieces, E Plan Achromat Phase 4x and 10x objectives, ELWD condenser, Phase slider and phase centering telescope, plain stage, 6V/30W Quartz illumination each $2862.00
22443-12 AE2000 Trinocular Inverted Microscope, WF10x/20 Eyepieces, E Plan Achromat Phase 4x and 10x objectives, ELWD condenser, Phase slider and phase centering telescope, plain stage, 6V/30W Quartz illumination each P.O.R.
All AE2000 microscopes include 45mm blue, neutral density and green filter, power cord, allen hex key, vinyl dust cover. universal power supply 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Motic AE2000 and AE2100 Eyepieces
Motic AE2000 and AE2100 lenses

Motic AE2000 and AE2100 Centering Telescope
Centering Telescope
Phase Slider
Phase Slider with PhO and Ph1 Phase Rings
Phase Rings
Phase Rings

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Accessories and Options for the Motic® AE2000
Eyepieces (each)
22443-312 WF 10x (FN20), high eye point (accepts reticle with 21mm diameter) each $141.00
Plan Achromat Objectives - PL INV
22443-350 CCIS® Plan Achromat Objective 4x/0.1 (WD=12.6mm) each 123.00
22443-351 CCIS® Plan Achromat Objective 10x/0.25 (WD=16.8mm) each 241.00
Plan Achromat Long Working Distance Objectives - PL LWD INV
22443-352 CCIS® Plan Achromatic Objective 20x/0.4 (WD=4.7mm) each 277.00
22443-353 CCIS® Plan Achromatic Objective 40x/0.6 (WD=3mm) each 375.00
Plan Achromat Phase Long Working Distance Objectives - PL PH LWD INV
22443-344 CCIS® Plan Achromat Phase Objective 4x/0.1 (WD=12.6mm) each 181.00
22443-345 CCIS® Plan Achromat Phase Objective 10x/0.25 (WD=4.1mm) each 230.00
22443-346 CCIS® Plan Achromat Phase Objective 20x/0.40 (WD=4.7mm) each 333.00
22443-347 CCIS® Plan Achromat Phase Objective 40x/0.65 (WD=3mm) each 429.00
22443-372 ELWD Condenser N.A. 0.30, WD=72mm each 387.00
22443-373 LWD Condenser N.A. 0.40, WD=54mm each 670.00
Phase Contrast Equipment
22443-365 Phase Slider, centerable Ph0 and Ph1 bright field each 186.00
22443-367 Phase Ring Ph0 (4x) each 49.00
22431-370 Phase Centering Telescope each 117.00
Stage Accessories
22443-442 Auxiliary Stages (paired) pair 78.00
22443-443 Attachable Mechanical Stage with well plate holder (128 x 86mm) each 831.00
22443-444 Well Plate Holder (132 x 88mm) each 110.00
22443-445 35mm Petri Dish Holder each 77.00
22443-446 54mm Petri Dish Holder each 77.00
22443-447 65mm Petri Dish Holder each 77.00
Photo and C-mount Video Adapters - Required for Camera Mounting on Trinocular Port
22455-400 2.5x SLR Projection Lens, requires photo eyepiece each 153.00
22455-402 Photo Eyepiece 2.5x for projection lens each 270.00
22455-404 Photo Eyepiece 4x for projection lens each 212.00
22455-405 1.0x C-mount Camera Adapter (no lens) each 193.00
22455-406 0.65x C-mount Adapter for 2/3" chip sensors each 193.00
22455-407 0.5x C-mount Camera Adapter for 1/2" chip sensors each 165.00
22439-408 0.35x C-mount camera adapter for 1/3" chip sensors each 265.00
Optional Accessories and Replacements
22243-422 Blue Filter (45mm) each 15.00
22243-424 Neutral Density Filter ND-2 (45mm) each 44.00
22243-425 Green Interference Filter (45mm) each 40.00
22431-230 Quartz Halogen Lamp, 6V/30W each 24.00

Motic Microscope Cameras

Moticam® Digital Color Cameras for AE2000 Trinocular Inverted Microscope

Motic® MLC-150C Fiber Optic Illumination System
Standard Series Stage Micrometers for Transmitted and Reflected Light
Pro Series Stage Micrometers for Transmitted and Reflected Light