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Histology Laboratory Equipment
Coronavirus Mitigation Supplies
Life Science Supplies & Equipment

Histology Equipment & Supplies

Grossing | Processing & Embedding | Sectioning | Cryo Sectioning & Storage
Staining | Histology Laboratory Instruments | Microscopes
Transport & Storage | Cleaning & General Lab

Propette single channel pipettes
NEW ali-Q™ 2
Pipette Controllers
cautery tips
NEW Ovation® Pipettors
bottle top dispenser
NEW Diamond SureFlow™
Bottle Top Dispensers
Seal N' Freeze Cryo Tray Mold
NEW Seal'N® Freeze
Cryo Trays & Freeze Box
NUVAClean Pipette Carousel
NEW nUVaClean™
UV Pipette Carousel
Cleaner & Detergent
protective face shield disposable3M 8293 p100 particulate respirator
NEW Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
zipper bags
NEW SureSeal™
Sterile Sample Bags
Propette single channel pipettes SureStand Pipette Racks
NEW ProPette™
LE Pipettors & Racks
disposable plastic pipette
NEW Universal Fit Pipette Tips Low Retention
aluminum rapid punchrapid-punch replacement parts
NEW Aluminum Rapid-Punch & Replacement Parts
rapid core punches
NEW Rapid-Core Punches
black, Conical Tubes, 15ml and  50ml
NEW SureStrain™ &
Cell Strainer System
plasteur plastic pipette
NEW Polypropylene
Plasteur® Pipettes
blue box blade remover
single blade remover

NEW Blade Removal Devices & Blade Storage
dissection kit
celledge trimming blades and handles
NEW CellEdge® Trimming
Blades with Handles
carboys bottles
NEW Diamond RealSeal™
Plastic Carboys & Bottles
histoblock rack
NEW HistoBlock Racks
Slimsette Tissue Cassette
NEW CellPath® Cassettes
chamber slides
NEW Chamber
Cell Culture Slides

Gross Dissection Tools
shur sharp microtome blades

dissection kit
celledge trimming blades and handles
Trimming Blades with Handles
Black Diamond Autopsy Knives
Vials, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Specimen Cups
Vials, Tubes, Specimen Cups
Multi-purpose Lab Containers
Multi-purpose Lab Containers
Formalin Neutralizers
& Spill Kits

Processing & Embedding
Slimsette Tissue Cassette
NEW CellPath® Cassettes
Slimsette Tissue Cassette
Simport™ Cassettes

statmark cassette and slide marker
Marking Pens
parapro blue bag
ParaPro™ Blue Paraffin
embedding molds
Embedding Base Molds
Lab-TAG Labels
ParafiTAG™ Xylene
Resistant Labels
TMA Pre-cast Blocks
Tissue Microarray Kits
& Pre-cast Paraffin Blocks
LED Lighted Forceps
LED Lighted
Forceps & Scissors

economy glass size 3x1 microscope slides
Microscope Slides
& Coverslips
shur sharp microtome blades
Microtome Blades
hydrophobic barrier pen
PAP Pens

Cryo Sectioning & Storage
Cryo MarkersCryogenic Permanent Markers

Lab-TAG Cryo LabelsLab-TAG™ Cryo Label Systems

Tissue Marking Dyes
Tissue Marking Dyes, Rack & Mordant

PolarStat Plus Colors
PolarStat Plus™ Colors & other Cryo Embedding Media
Camel Hair Brush
Camel Hair Brush
Cryo Brushes
OCT Mounting Medium
and Accessories
freezer rack sale
SALE Freezer Racks
Cryo Compatible Slide Box
Cryo Slide Boxes

EasiDip™ Slide Satining System
staining dish
Wheaton® Glassware
Stainless Steel Containers
Stainless Steel Containers
citifluor fluorescent antifade mounting medium
Mounting Media

PELCO Stain Saver Kit for staining slides
Saver™ Kits

Slide Drying Racks
Slide Drying Racks

30-Slide Staining System

Histology Laboratory Instruments
PELCO BioWave Pro+
PELCO BioWave® Pro+
Rotary Microtome
Rotary Microtome
Mini Section/Slide Dryer
Small Histology
portable fume hood
Clean Air System
carbon filters for histology instruments
CellTec Activated
Carbon Filters

Digital Scales
Digital Scales
Thermometers, Analog and Digital
Gusto Mini Centrifuge
& Mixing

Motic BA210 Biological Light Microscope
& Cameras

Transport & Storage
Slide Folder Clasps
Slide Folder
Rack & Clasps
Microscope Slide Boxes
Slide Storage
embedding cassette and rings storage cabinet
Cassette Storage
Microscope Plastic Slide Mailer
Slide and Cassette
Mailers & Folders

Cleaning & General Lab
Formalin Neutralizers
& Spill Kits
Cleaning Cloths & Wipes
Latex Laboratory Gloves Laboratory
spilltray drying rack
Spilltray™ &
Drying Rack
Tiisue Marking Dyes
PELCO ScienceSuds™
Natural Goat Milk Soap
Pyrex® Beakers
Pyrex® Beakers, Graduated Cylinders

Magnetic Storage System
Magnetic Storage System

protective face shield disposable3M 8293 p100 particulate respirator
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)