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Neuroscience Overview
Histology Overview
Coronavirus Mitigation Supplies

Life Science Equipment,
Supplies & Applications

Life Science Applications
parapro blue bag

pelco tem 50 mesh gridpelco transmission electron microscopy grid
1 x 2mm gilded notch-num slot syanptek gridsupport films
zeiss pin mountzeiss pin mount
scanning electron microscopy pin mount box45° Multi Holder for 3 Pin Stubs


Life Science Equipment & Supplies

Instruments & Accessories
for Life Science
micro bead sterilizer 3270 3M 8293 p100 particulate respirator
Personal Protective Equipment
(PPE) & Safety Supplies
medizime medifect
Cleaning Supplies

Pyrex® BeakersBeakers, Containers,
Spot Dishes

Glassware & Staining

Vials, Tubes, Cups
black, Conical Tubes, 15ml and  50ml
SureStrain™ Cell Strainers
disposable plastic pipette
medium dissecting forceps
aesculap dissecting forceps

curved tip tweezer
PELCO Reverse Tweezers, Flat

economy glass size 3x1 microscope slides
Microscope Slides
& Coverslips
Plastic Bottles
resins and chemicals
Resins & Chemicals

Laboratory Marking Pens
Labels & Adhesive Tapes

Gold Conjugates

& Gold Sols
Motic BA210 Biological Light Microscope
Microscopes & Cameras