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Histology Supplies Overview

Microscope Slides, Coverslips,
Slide Storage, Tools & Accessories

Microscope Slides & Coverslips
economy glass size 3x1 microscope slides
Glass Microscope Slides

frosted, plain, adhesion
Standard Glass Coverslips

square & round

Large & Super Mega Slides

frosted & plain
claritex plain slides
Large & Super Mega Coverslips
concavity slides with two wells
concavity slides with two wells
Specialty Slides

quartz, plastic, cavity
& spot slides

Microscope Slide Storage
Microscope Slide Boxes
Slide Storage Boxes
Wooden Slide Storage Boxes for Large Microscope
Wooden Slide
Storage Boxes
Tall Slide Box
Large Slide Storage
Cryo Compatible Slide Box
Cryo Compatible Slide Boxes
Metal slide cabinet
Slide Cabinets & Stackable Storage Systems
Pop-Up 10, 20 or 30-Slide Holder
Slide Trays & Holders
plastic slide mailer
Slide Mailers
2 Large Slide Mailer
pop up slide mailer for 10 large slides
NEW Slide Mailers
for Large Slides

Tools & Accessories for use with Slides & Coverslips
StainTUFF Xylene Resistant Labels
Microscope Slide Labels
Coverslip Pick-Up Tool
Handi-Vac® Coverslip
Pick-Up Tool
cover glass forceps
Tweezers for Coverslips
Stage Micrometers for Transmitted Light
Stage Micrometers for Transmitted Light
cover glass forceps
Wafer Cleaving / Glass Breaking Pliers
cover glass forceps
Economy Slide Mailer
Slide Staining Jars,
Dishes & Racks
Economy Slide Mailer
Slide Dryers
& Work Stations