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Histology Overview
Microscope Slides & Coverslips
Microscopes Overview

Coverslip Mounting Media

Permanent Mounting Media, non-aqueous
UV CureUV Cure
NEW UV Mounting
Media & UV Light Box
Mounting Medium in a Tube, Mount-Quick
Mounting Medium
mounting media/balsam bottle
Mounting Media/Balsam Bottle

Acqueous Mounting Media

Aqueous Mounting
Mounting Media
citifluor fluorescent antifade mounting medium
Citifluor Antifade
Mounting Medium

Permanent Mounting Media (Non-Aqueous)



Museum quality mounting media, permanent clarity, stringently controlled optical specifications

Histomount is the classic choice in synthetic mounting media. Histomount provides a permanent seal to store or ship slides with confidence.

Histomount is a pH neutral, UV stabilized preparation which retains its clarity and brilliance for years. Refractive index is matched to glass cover slips and slides, reducing chromatic aberration with any light source.

Histomount is effective with most clearing agents when used as a liquid cover slip or as a permanent mounting medium for traditional glass cover slipping. A dip stick providing an optimal amount of Histomount is provided with each 100ml bottle.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19479 Histomount™ 100ml $54.50
SDS (121KB PDF) - There are Hazard Shipping Fees associated with this product. - Hazard Shipping Fees

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19480 Histomount™ 450ml $61.30
SDS (121KB PDF) - There are Hazard Shipping Fees associated with this product. - Hazard Shipping Fees

Histomount Histomount

NEW UV Mounting Medium for Glass Coverslips & UV Light Box

Tired of waiting for mounting media to dry on your Super Mega slides/coverslips? Try our UV Cure Mounting Media that permanently sets up in 10-15 seconds.

This non-toxic, xylene-free, UV clear, permament mounting medium is sold in 3.33oz. (100ml) dropper bottles.

  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, odorless and non-yellowing
  • Fast drying in 10–20 seconds with soft UV Light Box
  • Use as part of a manual or automated coverslipping process
  • Instant screening and storage of slides

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
27225-13 UV Mounting Media for Coverslips, 3.33 oz. dropper bottle each $60.00

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
23056 Ultraviolet Lamp, (with UV Tubes), 115 VAC each $360.00

Mounting Medium in a Tube, Mount-Quick

Mount-Quick Mounting Medium in a Tube

Total control over dispensed drops. No change in density. Mount-Quick dries quickly with high transparency and no bubbles. It will not fade or deteriorate. It is soluble in xylene. Uniquely used as a tissue transfer medium. See Technical Note for details.

Density: 40% solids
Specific Gravity: 0.89SP
Viscosity: 33cP (25°)

PELCO® Technical Notes, 19478 (174KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19478 Mount-Quick, Mounting Medium in a Tube, 30ccm each $10.70

mounting media/balsam bottle

Mounting Media / Balsam Bottle

Ideal for applying mounting media. Provided with a glass applicator block and glass cap. Cap is ground to the shoulder of the bottle to form a seal. Made of “810” soda lime glass. Capacity: 100ml. Diameter: 17mm (0.67"). Height: 100mm (3.94"). (supplied without media)

Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
21033 Mounting Media/Balsam Bottle each 1-5 $42.90
6+ 41.20

Aqueous Mounting Media

Mount-Quick Aqueous Mounting Medium

Mount-Quick Aqueous, a water-based mounting media, has been developed for use with lipid sections, immunohistochemical stained sections and AEC method stains. Available in 30ml dropper bottle.

Refractive index: 1.41
Specific Gravity: 0.88 so
Viscosity: 33 cps @ 25°C
pH: 7.0


Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19477 Mount-Quick Aqueous Mounting Medium, One Bottle of 30ml each $23.00

Fluoromount-G™ Mounting Media

Fluoromount-G™ - A water-soluble, non-fluorescing mounting media for cover slipping slides after a staining procedure with an aqueous final step.

This mounting media will have a semi-permanent seal for long-term storage. Fluoromount-G™ may be used with cell preparations and tissue sections.


PELCO® Technical Notes, 19475 (285KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19475 Fluoromount-G™ Mounting Media, 25ml each $118.80

Citifluor Antifadent Solutions

Citifluor provides a range of antifadent mounting media which greatly reduces the fading of the fluorescence from FITC, rhodamine, Hoechst, Alexa, Green Fluorescent Protein, cyanine dyes, Texas Red, and phycoerythins. A range of antifadent mountants are available in either glycerol based or glycerol free solutions. Citifluor mountant can either be permanent (hardening) or not (non-hardening) depending on your labeling requirements.

citifluor mountant media citifluor mountant media

citifluor fluorescent antifade mounting medium The use of fluorescent labels and markers is now widespread and immuno-fluorescence, which relies on the use of antibodies tagged with labels such as fluorescein, is a well-established technique.

A common problem associated with the microscopical examination of these materials is that the illumination used for stimulating the fluorescence also causes degradation of the label and this causes fading of fluorescence. This also is a problem when trying to visualize materials having a low level of labeling. The photofading of labeled materials can be retarded by the use of the Citifluor mountants.

Antifadent (AF) Solutions
The antifadent solutions AF-1, AF-2 and AF-3 were specifically developed for use with FITC polyclonal antibodies but their use is now far more widespread. They show improved signal preservation with many other fluorochromes including rhodamines and DAPI. AF4 contains the antifadent propyl gallate, which is particularly suitable for use with DAPI and Alexa dye-stained materials, as well as FITC-labelled materials.

AF-1 - Glycerol-phosphate buffered solution containing antifadent for use with labeled tissue and dead cells. Available in two sizes.

Citifluor Aqueous Mounting Media

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Gycerol based solutions
19470 AF-1, Glycerol-PBS, with antifadent designed for antibodies labeled with FITC, also prevents photobleaching of DAPI, rhodamines, Hoechst, Alexa, cyanine dues, Texas Red, and GFP, 25ml each $150.00
19470-1 100ml each 171.00
I - SDS (46KB PDF)
19472 AF-2, Glycerol with an antifadent optically transparent from 300 to 750nm, stops photobleaching of DAPI, rhodamines, Hoechst, Alexa, cyanine dues, Texas Red, and GFP, 25ml each 90.00
19472-1 100ml each 204.00
I - SDS (110KB PDF)
Glycerol solution, additives.
19476 AF-4, Glycerol with an antifade reagent n-propyl gallate, reduces photobleaching of rhodamine and FITC, optically transparent from 400 to 750nm, 25ml each 98.00
19491 AF-200 Glycerol solution containing a non-basic antifadent, high viscosity and designed for use with specimens labeled with DAPI, CY and Hoechst dye, 10ml each 112.00
I - SDS (315KB PDF)
19492 AF-300 Glycerol solution of an amine-based antifadent, high viscosity and designed for use with a wide range of fluorochromes, 10m each 85.00
I - SDS (111KB PDF)
Glycerol-based solutions with high refractive index (~1.52)
19493 CFM1 Glycerol-PBS solution used for transmission and epifluorescence microscopy, 10ml each 57.00
I - SDS (109KB PDF)
19494 CFM1/AF Glycerol-PBS solution + antifadent, 10ml each 98.00
I - SDS (48KB PDF)
19495 CFM2 Glycerol-tris amine buffered solution, pH 8.5, 10ml each 60.00
I - SDS (109KB PDF)
19496 CFM3 Glycerol-based solution that contains an antifadent that isn’t an amine, 10ml each 86.00
I - SDS (111KB PDF)
Glycerol free solutions
19474 AF-3 PBS solution containing an amine-based antifadent for live cell imaging, 25ml each 101.00
19474-1 100ml each 228.00
I - SDS(106K PDF)
19490 AF-100 PBS solution with amine-based antifadent, 5ml
NOTE: can be used with 19497
each 20.00
I - SDS (47KB PDF)
19497 UVM1 methacrylate-based solution on exposure to light hardens to clear film. Totally water miscible (ratio of UVM1 to AF100 10:1), 10ml each 80.00
I - SDS (69KB PDF)
19498 UVM2 methacrylate based solution containing an anti-bleaching agent, which on exposure to light hardens to give clear film. It is totally water miscible, 10ml each 77.90
I - SDS (90KB PDF)
19469 Citifluor Solid Mountant Kit – 25ml PVA, PBS solution with anti-fadent, 30ml
Components are mixed, applied to specimen and allowed to dry to a clear film.
each 155.75
C - SDS for Citifluor AF100 Antifadent Solution, 25ml (47KB PDF)
U - SDS for Citifluor CFPVOH Solution, 5ml (44KB PDF)

Contains anti-fading solution. Suitable for preventing fading of dyes such as DAPI which have the tendency to disperse in glycerol based mounting solutions.

Hazard Warning Guides Used in the Above Listings

Cg = Suspected Carcinogen
C = Corrosive
F = Flammable
I = Irritant
L = Lachrymator
O = Oxidizing
R = Radioactive
S = Sensitizer
T = Toxic
U = Unlisted as hazard; unknown hazard if any

An extra shipping charge is required by the Carriers when hazardous goods are transported.