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PELCO easiSlicer™
Vibratory Tissue Slicer
PELCO BioWave Pro+
PELCO BioWave® Pro+
DiATOME Knives
Now Available
from Ted Pella, Inc.

DiATOME® Diamond Knives
PELCO easiGlow™
Glow Discharge Cleaning System
McIlwain Tissue Chopper
Mcllwain Tissue Chopper
MicroSlicer™ Vibratory Slicers
micro bead sterilizer 3270
Micro Bead Sterilizers
micro bead sterilizer 3270
nUVaClean™ UV
Pipette Cleaning Carousel
PELCO® Rotators
Magnetic Induction Stirrer
Centrifuge & Stirrer
Magnetic Induction StirrerMagnetic Induction Stirrer
Magnetic Induction Stirrers
Centrifuge, Mini, MC-6600 Mini CentrifugeGusto Mini Centrifuge
High Speed Mini Centrifuges
Mini Centrifuge
Motic BA210 Biological Light Microscope
Stereo Microscopes
Motic BA310 Biological Light Microscope
Biological Microscopes
gravity convection oven
Convection Ovens
HMT-2258 Rotary Microtome
Manual Rotary Microtome
Block Wax Trimmer+
Block Trimmer +
Paraffin Dispenser
Paraffin Dispenser
LED Float Bath
LED Tissue Floatation Water
Bath & Slide Dryer Combo
LED Float Bath
Tissue Floatation Bath
Tissue Floatation Water Bath
Tissue Floatation
Water Bath
Small Slide Warmer with Cover
Small Slide Warmers
Large Slide Warmer with Cover
Large Slide Warmers
StepUp Slide Warmer
Step Up™ Slide Warmer
for 40 Slides
Slide Dryer II
Mini Section/Slide Dryers
easydip slide staining system
IHC Slide Manager
& Slide Dryer Combo

SliceMaster Sample
Preparation Tools