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Products for Neuroscience Researchers

Neuroscience Equipment & Supplies

PELCO easiSlicer™
Vibratory Tissue Slicer
NEW NeoLinearSlicer®
Vibratory Slicers
Vibratory Slicers
McIlwain Tissue Chopper
Mcllwain Tissue Chopper
PELCO BioWave Pro+
PELCO BioWave® Pro+
prep-eze for microwave processing
PELCO Prep-Eze™ Specimen Holders
& Staining Nets
PELCO® Rotators
Mini Centrifuge
Centrifugation & Mixing
pelco conjugates
PELCO® Secondary
Antibody Gold Conjugates
Brain Matrices
Brain & Tissue Matrices
stainless steel Mouse and Rat Spinal Cord Matrices
Spinal Cord & Tumor Matrices
tumor matrices
NEW PELCO® Marmoset
Brain Matrix
bioclave benchtop autoclaves
NEW BioClave™
Benchtop Autoclaves
stainless steel instrument casesplastic instrument cases
stainless steel instrument trays
NEW Instrument Cases & Trays
micro bead sterilizer 3270
Micro Bead Sterilizers
Small Animal
Handling Products
UV Clave
NEW UV Clave™
micro bead sterilizer 3270
nUVaClean™ UV
Pipette Cleaning Carousel
Motic BA210 Biological Light Microscope
Stereo Microscopes
Biological Microscopes

Fluorescence Reference Slides
Large Microscope Slides
Large Microscope Slides

Staining Racks & Dishes
for Large Slides
Tall Slide Box
pop up slide mailer for 10 large slides

Large Slide Storage & Transport

Slide Staining Systems
staining dish
Staining Glassware
Glass Bottom Dishes
Glass Bottom Dishes Clear & Black Wall Foil Bottom Dishes
citifluor fluorescent antifade mounting medium
citifluor fluorescent antifade mounting medium
Mounting Media
Slimsette Tissue Cassette
Histology Supplies
& Equipment

hydrophobic barrier pen
PAP Liquid Blocker Pens
PolarStat Plus Colors
PolarStat Plus Colors
Cryo Embedding Supplies
True North Cryo Freezer Boxes
True North® Freezer Boxes
Seal N' Freeze Cryo Box
Cryo Compatible Containers
Dry Cryo ShipperDry Cryo Shipper
Cryo Dewars, Foam Dewars
& Cryo Shippers
10ml Clear Conical Tube
10ml Clear Conical Tube
Centrifuge Tubes & Vials
black plastic products
PELCO LightStop™
Black Plastic Products
Plastic Carboys & Bottles
Pyrex® Beakers
Beakers & Containers
statmark cassette and slide marker
Marking Pens
Cleaning Supplies
protective face shield disposable3M 8293 p100 particulate respirator
Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE)
benchbin hazardous waste container
Safety Supplies

These tools are not intended for use with live human tissue or liquids
or human material unless specifically described for that purpose.

Tools for Neuroscience
Gross Dissection
bevel safe knife handle
NEW Scalpel
Blades & Handles
disposable retractable
NEW Retractable Safety Scalplels
Feather Blade
Blades for Sectioning

Large Blade for Brain Matrices
Blades for Matrices

ligature scissors
ligature scissors


New Styles Available!

curved tip tweezer
PELCO Reverse Tweezers, Flat

medium dissecting forceps
aesculap dissecting forceps

micro probesNeedles, Probes & Picks elevators and dissectors
Elevators & Dissectors

elevators and dissectors
Spatulas & Spoons, Micro
(Locking Forceps)
liston bone cutters
Bone Cutters
Bone Saw
Bone Saws

Oscillating Autopsy Saw, oscillationg laboratory saw
Autopsy Saws,
Oscillating Bone Saws
precision brain punches
Precision Brain
Punches with Handle
rapid core punches
Rapid-Core Punches
aluminum rapid punchrapid-punch replacement parts
Aluminum Rapid-Punch
& Replacement Parts
Miltex® Biopsy Punch
with Plunger
Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch close up
Ear Punches
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
Ear Tags & Applicators
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
Micro Tattoo System
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
Animal Markers
Surgical Loupes
Surgical Loupes
Micro-DrillIdeal Micro-Drill™ gemini cautery pen
Gemini™ Cautery System
liston bone cutter, 14cm, curved
reflex wound clip applier, 7mm
Reflex Wound Clips,
Appliers & Removers
Propette single channel pipettes
ProPette™ LE Single Channel
Pipettors & Universal Tips

cautery tips
NEW Ovation® Pipettors & VistaLab™ Pipette Tips
Propette single channel pipettes
NEW ali-Q™ 2 Pipette Controllers & Wobble-Not™ Serological Pipettes
reagent reservoirs
NEW Reagent Reservoirs