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NEW UV Clave™ Ultraviolet Chamber

This product is designed for research use only. Not intended for clinical use.

PELCO Dimpler
UV Clave™ Ultraviolet Chamber
PELCO Dimpler
PELCO Dimpler
UV-C Indicator Card

Short-wave UV light is an effective method for the disinfection of surface DNA, RNA, and microorganisms. With the UV Clave™ Ultraviolet Chamber, highly focused UV irradiation is used to disinfect tools, vessels and other research items, eliminating up to 99% of surface contaminants.

Unlike most UV chambers, the UV Clave™ includes powerful UV-C bulbs on both the top and bottom of the chamber. Combined with a proprietary shelf that allows for >90% of UV-C transmission and highly reflective walls, the result is true 360° exposure with no blind spots.

Exposure time is adjustable. An optional heating cycle can be added to assist in drying items that may have been washed or chemically disinfected prior to insertion. To protect users, the integrated auto shut-off prevents illumination when the door is open. Optional indicators are available to test for proper exposure levels.


  • Disinfect tools, tubes, pipette tips and other research items of potential contaminants
  • True 360° UV-C irradiation with no blind spots
  • Adjustable cycle time with optional heating


UV Bulbs 6 x 4W
UV Wavelength 254nm
UV Intensity +500µW/cm²
UV Dosage 600mJ/cm2 (20 min cycle)
UV Timer 5-20 min. (5 min. increments)
Heater Timer 30-120 min. (30 min. increments)
Heater Temperature 55°C
Chamber Dimensions 21.6 x 25.6 x 31.8cm (8.5 x 10.1 x 12.2")
Exterior Dimensions 29.2 x 26.7 x 40cm (11.5 x 10.5 x 15.7")
Max Height 30cm
Shelf Dimensions 25.4 x 20.3cm (10 x 8")
Shelf Material Stainless steel wire (2 included) / UV-C transparent (1 included)
Weight 5kg (11 lb)
Electrical 120V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz/ 110W
Warranty 2 years

Ordering Information

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
3253 UV Clave™ Ultraviolet Chamber, 115V each $650.00
3253-230 UV Clave™ Ultraviolet Chamber, 230V each 650.00
3253-1 UV-C Indicator Cards pkg/25 123.50
3253-2 UV-C Indicator Stickers pkg/40 109.50