PELCO LightStop™

comprehensive selection of black plastic products for shielding light sensitive samples

black plastic products
PELCO LightStop™
Black Plastic Jars
black plastic products
PELCO LightStop™ Black
Plastic Dropper Bottles

Conductive Black Boxes

Black Slide Boxes

Slide Staining & Storage System

Black Wall Glass
Bottom Dishes

Black Immunostain
Moisture Chamber

30-Slide Staining System

Black Styrene Boxes


Black Aluminum Foil

Black Microscope Slide Mailer
and Staining Container

Black Cryo Compatible Container

Black Desiccator
Cabinets & Shelves

Black Disposable Slide
Staining Trays

Black Microcentrifuge
Storage Boxes
black gel-box
PELCO Stain Saver™ Kits
black gel-tray
Gel-Pack® Substrate Carriers

vials and tubes
Black Microcentrifuge &
Macrocentrifuge Tubes
vials and tubes
Black Conical Tubes
Wafer Carriers, polypropylene
Black Wafer Carrier Trays

Black Slide-Sette Saver™
Wafer Carrier Components
Clamshell Black
Wafer Carrier Trays
easydip slide staining system
IHC Slide Manager Black Lid