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NEW Products for Small Animal Research

Animal Restrainers, Injection Cones, Containment, Surgery Boards

Flat Bottom Rodent Restrainer
Broome Restrainer
zucker restrainer
Zucker Rat Restrainer
Rodent Containment &
"J" Feeder with Bracket
Rodent Injection Cone
Illuminated Rodent Cone

stainless steel brain matrix
Ferret Restrainer
Bowman Post Operation Restrainer
stainless steel brain matrix
Rabbit Restrainer
Guinea Pig Restrainer
Surgery Boards
Anesthesia Chamber

NEW Flat Bottom Rodent Restrainers

28001-3 28001-4
#28001-3 #28001-4
28001-5 28001-6
#28001-5 #28001-6

These convenient restrainers have been a research standard for over twenty-five years. The adjustable tail stock can be inserted into any one of four positions. Apertures in the top and bottom provide easy access for injections or sampling. The pocket and holes in the front make it easy to anesthetize or feed the animal.

Product Number Description Dimensions Animal Weight Range
28001-3 Flat Bottom Restrainer 38.1 x 95.25mm (1.5 dia. x 3.75") 15 to 30g
28001-4 Flat Bottom Restrainer 50.8 x 127mm (2 dia. x 5") 30 to 125g
28001-5 Flat Bottom Restrainer 63.5 x 152.4mm (2.5 dia. x 6") 125 to 250g
28001-6 Flat Bottom Restrainer 114 x 28mm (3.25 dia. x 8.5") 250 to 500g

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28001-3 Rodent Flat Restrainer 38.1 x 95.25mm (1.5" dia. x 3.75") each $121.75
28001-4 Rodent Flat Restrainer 50.8 x 127mm (2" dia. x 5") each 131.75
28001-5 Rodent Flat Restrainer 63.5 x 152.4mm (2.5" dia. x 6") each 143.50
28001-6 Rodent Flat Restrainer 114 x 28mm (3.25" dia. x 8.5") each 151.75

NEW Broome Restrainers

28003 28003-1 28003-2
#28003 #28003-1 #28003-2
28003-3 28003-4  
#28003-3 #28003-4  

Broome Restrainers are the most effective style available for three basic reasons:

  1. Ease of use and access to the rodent
  2. Prevents the animal's ability to turn
  3. Safety for the animal handler

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28003 Broome Restrainer, 25.4 x 85.72mm (1" dia. x 3.38") each $121.75
28003-1 Broome Restrainer, 31.75 x 114.3mm (1.25" dia x 4.5") each 126.75
28003-2 Broome Restrainer, 38.1 x 139.7mm (1.5" dia. x 5.5") each 131.75
28003-3 Broome Restrainer, 50.8 x 203.2mm (2" dia. x 8") each 143.50
28003-4 Broome Restrainer, 63.5 x 215.9mm (2.5" dia. x 8.5") each 151.75

NEW Zucker Rat Restrainer


The Zucker Rat Restrainer is a special Broome Style unit modified for obesity studies for adult, obese rats 500-800g.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28004 Zucker Rat Restrainer for rats 500-800g, 88.9mm diameter x 228.6mm long (3.5" diameter x 9" long) each $328.50

NEW Rodent Injection Cone / Illuminated Rodent Injection Cone

  28005 28005-1  
  #28005 #28005-1  

The Rodent Injection Cone allows the researcher to isolate the rodent tail from the body allowing easy and safe access to the tail. 

The Illuminated Rodent Tail Vein Injection Cone features a "bright light" illumination system to easily locate the veins in the tail. Included are rechargeable batteries and recharge unit, a white base housing batteries, on/off switch, and plug for recharging batteries.


Rodent Injection Cone:

  • Clear plastic tail insertion cone
  • Clear base with suction cups to prevent movement

Illuminated Rodent Injection Cone:

  • Clear plastic tail insertion cone
  • Formed white base housing batteries, on / off switch, and illumination window with light
  • Base used for recharging batteries (two included)
  • Electrical plug for recharging batteries (100 to 240 VAC capacity)


Rodent Injection Cone and Illuminated Rodent Injection Cone:

  • Cone dimensions: 146 x 127 x 101.6mm (5.75 long x 5 high x 4") opening
  • Total footprint size: 216 x 254mm (8.5 x 10")
  • Light bulb warranty: 30,000 hours
  • Weight range, mice: 15 to 30 grams
  • Weight range, rats: 500 to 600 grams

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28005 Rodent Injection Cone each $433.50
28005-1 Illuminated Rodent Injection Cone each 550.00

NEW Rodent Containment System
& “J” Feeder with Bracket

  28007 feeding system  
  #28007, 28007-1, 28007-2 #28007-2  

This is the only available unit which can be used as a free flow or sealed system. The chamber may be used as an open or closed system. If an open system (free flow of air) is desired, align the holes on the top cone with the main clear cylinder. If not, misalign the holes to affect the closed system. Once misaligned, simply tape the top and the bottom to the main cylinder.

Accommodates mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pig sized animals. This inexpensive containment system is extremely useful for acute or chronic studies.

All rodent restrainers are manufactured from clear materials to provide complete visual awareness of the state of your animal.


  • Two molded convex cones
  • One molded concave top for alternative watering technique
  • Clear cylindrical main housing
  • Stainless steel floor grid
  • Fecal/urinary separator
  • Metal tripod stand
  • Two gas nipples (1/8 x 1/4 NPT hose barb style)
  • One roll of vinyl sealant tape


  • Metabolism studies
  • C02 collection
  • Inhalation work
  • Euthanasia chamber
  • Isolation requirements
  • Anesthesia techniques

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28007 Rodent Containment System @ 7.5 Liter each $1021.75
28007-1 Rodent Containment System @ 13.5 Liter each 1040.00
28007-2 “J” Feeder with Bracket for Containment System each 213.50

NEW Ferret Restrainers

#28006 through #28006-4

These restrainers are offered in four sizes taking into consideration the animals age, weight, and sex. The units are constructed of optical quality clear acrylic (Perspex™), and a formed black plastic nose cone with an Acetal™ locking slide. The main restraining cylinder can be rotated 360° to provide complete access to the animal. All units are mounted on a white acrylic base plate with suction cup feet to guarantee reliable stability during testing procedures. Counter top space required is 11.5 x 21".

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28006 Ferret Restrainers, Set of all 4 units each P.O.R.
28006-1 Ferret Restrainer, 2.5" ID x 18" L each 731.75
28006-2 Ferret Restrainer, 3" ID x 18" L each 828.50
28006-3 Ferret Restrainer, 3.5" ID x 18" L each 885.00
28006-4 Ferret Restrainer, 4" ID x 18" L each 1030.00

NEW Bowman Post Operation Rodent Restrainer


The Bowman Style Rodent Restrainer has been re-engineered and refined to accommodate larger sized animals up to 750 grams. The positions of the stainless steel rods around the rodent provide easy access for many types of research applications, especially obesity studies.

The rodent can quickly be inserted into the restrainer by removing several stainless steel upper rods, or through an access port hole in the rear upright. The access port hole features a polycarbonate locking door to prevent escape.

The front "guillotine" door can be adjusted and locked by using any one of three adjustment positions. The door has stainless steel "spring loaded" lock. Suction cup feet on the white plastic base secure the device during use.


  • Weight range from 250 up to 750 grams
  • Maximum length of the rodent compartment is 228mm (9")
  • Eighteen stainless steel rods are adjustable up to 89mm (3.5")
  • Rear access port opening is 50.88mm (2"). The polycarbonate locking door is attached by a "Nylock" fastener to prevent future operational loss
  • Overall height is 279mm (11")
  • Base size is 254mm x 305mm (10 x 12")
  • Basic unit is constructed of 12.7mm (0.5") jeweled acrylic

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28001-2 Bowman Post Operative Rodent Restrainer each $530.00

NEW Rabbit Restrainers

28000 28000-1 28000-2
#28000 #28000-1 #28000-2

Clear acrylic restrainers provide total observation of your research animal and safe handling while working with your laboratory animals. These restrainers were developed under research conditions. The clear acrylic materials protect and safeguard your research animals. These restrainers help eliminate or minimize back injuries from uncontrolled kicking of the back legs.


  • Highly polished edges prevent chafing, especially at the neck.
  • Non-slip surface provides better footing and helps to calm animal.
  • The clear acrylic aids in retaining body warmth, eliminating hypothermia
  • Unique curved back butt plate minimizes the risk of back injury. The plate is anatomically correct.
  • Vertical head bars (adjustable).
  • Rear access hole for pyrogen testing (N/A on #28000).
  • Stainless steel pin offers several fine adjustment points for neck plate.
  • Unit can be sanitized in a cage washer up to 180°C (82°F) or sterilized chemically.
  • Non-slip base pads ensure unit stability.

Product Number Description Dimensions Animal Weight Range
28000 Rabbit Restrainer 150 x 610 x 130mm (6 x 24 x 5") up to 7.5kg (16.53lb)
28000-1 Rabbit Restrainer 150 x 450 x 150mm (6 x 18 x 6") up to 4kg (8.82lb)
28000-2 Rabbit Restrainer 150 x 560 x 170mm (6 x 22 x 6.5") 4 to 7kg (8.82 to 16.53lb)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28000 Rabbit Restrainer, up to 7.5kg (16.53lb) each $798.50
28000-1 Rabbit Restrainer, up to 4kg (8.82lb) each 598.50
28000-2 Rabbit Restrainer, up to 4-7kg (8.82 to 16.53lb) each 636.75

NEW Guinea Pig Restrainers

28002 28002-1 28002-2
#28002 (small) #28002-1 (medium) #28002-2 (large)

These clear acrylic restrainers provide complete visual awareness and status of your valuable animal. The plastic is warm to the touch and eliminates the problem of hypothermia. Included with each restrainer are adjustable head restraint bars, an adjustable back "butt" plate, stainless steel locking adjustment pin for the neck support (three positions), and an adjustable formed back support to minimize broken backs. Also included is a non-slip floor material to provide secure animal footing and calm the animal.

Product Number Description Animal Age Dimensions Weight Range
28002 Guinea Pig Restrainer 5 weeks old 100 x 177.5mm long (4 x 7.12") 300-350 grams
28002-1 Guinea Pig Restrainer 10 weeks 111 x 205mm long (4.5 x 8") 500-600 grams
28002-2 Guinea Pig Restrainer Adult 117 x 292.1mm (4.5 x 11.5") 600+ grams

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28002 Guinea Pig Restrainer, Small 100 x 177.5mm (4 x 7") each $538.50
28002-1 Guinea Pig Restrainer, Medium 111 x 205mm (4.5 x 8") each 568.50
28002-2 Guinea Pig Restrainer, Large 117 x 292.1mm (4.5 x 11.5") each 586.75

NEW Surgery Boards

28001 28001-1 28000-5
#28001 #28001-1 #28000-5

Surgery boards are formed of one piece high-temp Noryl™ for durability and ease of cleaning. Five adjustable Nylon cords are included with each board. 


  • Formed, one-piece construction for long service life and durability
  • Center depressed slope for fast positioning of animal
  • Unique, fast acting tie down camcleats 
  • White, high temperature plastic and nylon components
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Uprights adjustable to elevate board for special positioning
  • Five quick-tie, nylon restraint cords
  • Suction cup feet provide a steady work surface (for #28000-4 and #28000-5)

Product Number Description Dimensions Approximate Animal Size
28001 Rodent Surgery Board 114 x 28mm (4.5 x 11") up to 228.6mm (9") long
28001-1 Rodent Surgery Board 206 x 406mm (8.125 x 16") up to 304.8mm (12") long
28000-4 Rabbit Surgery Board 305 x 610mm (12 x 24") up to 4kg (8.82lb)
28000-5 Rabbit Surgery Board 304 x 762mm (12 x 30") 4 to 7kg (8.82 to 16.53lb)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28001 Rodent Surgery Board 114 x 28mm (4.5 x 11") each $213.50
28001-1 Rodent Surgery Board 206 x 406mm (8.125 x 16") each 240.00
28000-4 Rabbit Surgery Board 305 x 610mm (12 x 24") each 510.00
28000-5 Rabbit Surgery Board 305 x 762mm (12 x 30") each 510.00

NEW Anesthesia Chambers

  28001 28001  
  showing Oxygen analyzer CO2 Absorption System with pump  


  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Removable False Floor
  • Two Gas Nipples or Gas Valves on our larger units


  • Hibernation Studies
  • Euthanasia
  • Nebulizing Chamber
  • Air Pollution Studies

Product Number Suggested Animal Interior Dimensions Color Volume
28008 Small Rodents 305 x 305 x 305mm (12 x 12 x 12") Transparent Gray 28 L
28008-1 Large Rodents 457.2 x 457.2 x 457.2mm (18 x 18 x 18") Transparent Gray 95L
28008-2 Rabbits/Felines 914.4 x 508 x 609.6mm (36 x 20 x 24") Transaprent Gray 224L

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28008 Anesthesia Chamber 305 x 305mm (12 x 12") @ 28 Liters each $713.50
28008-1 Anesthesia Chamber 457.2 x457.2mm (18 x 18") @ 95 Liters each 933.50
28008-2 Anesthesia Chamber 914.4 x 508 x 609.6mm (36 x 20 x 24") @ 224 Liters each 2078.50

Optional Accessories for Anesthesia Chambers - Special Gas Atmospheres

  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Stainless Steel Floor
  • CO2 Absorption System with pump
  • Ground Key Cock Valves (N2, Air, Vaccum, etc.)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28008-5 Oxygen Analyzer each P.O.R.
28008-6 Drying train package with pump, filled with SODASORB® for CO2 removal each P.O.R.
28008-7 Additional key cock valve with 1/4" serrated nipple each P.O.R.