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Histology Supplies Overview

Laboratory Timers, Stop Watch,
Digital Timers

Talking Timer - Traceable® Flashing LED Big-Digit Timer
Traceable® Lab Timer - Digital Stopwatch

talking timer, traceable

Traceable® Talking Timer

six unique alarm noises, voice alert

It talks! Natural sounding voice counts down the final seconds, with a choice of six unique alarm noises (teakettle whistle, honking horn, and more)! Features include count-up and count-down timer, clock, memory, and auto-repeat. Includes stand, pocket clip, magnet, and battery. Provides repeat functions of countdown alarm timing. When zero is reached, the timer alarms and begins to count down again from the programmed time.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28162 Traceable® Talking Timer each $31.00

talking timer, traceable, big-digit

Traceable® Flashing LED & Big-Digit Dual Channel Timer

Unique visual flashing LED visual indicator. Allows simultaneous programming of two different timers from 1 second up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Resolution is 1 second; accuracy is 0.01%. Each channel has a distinct alarm and visual indicator when zero is reached. The alarm may be turned off or silenced automatically after 1 minute. The unique visual indication for each channel, when counting down, shows a green LED light flashing every second once the countdown time reaches 10 seconds. When zero has been reached, a red LED light flashes and the alarm is sounding. The alarm has three switch positions; high decibel for noisy areas, low decibel for quiet areas or off (muted) for silent visual flashing LED light operation only. Large 5/8” high LCD digits may be read from 20 feet.

NIST Traceable certificate with individual serial number is supplied with the timer. The timer comes complete with two AAA alkaline batteries, magnetic back, stand spring clip and an opening for a lanyard. Size is 3-1/2" x 3" x 5/8” (89 x 76 x 16mm); weight is 3 ounces (85 grams).

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28171 Traceable® Flashing LED & Big-Digit Timer each $30.00

traceable lab timer

Original Traceable® Lab Timer

Features three channels with distinct alarms. Traceable® Certificate is supplied to indicate traceability to standards provided by NIST. 1 second to 10 hours, easy to use. 75 x 75 x 35mm. Battery included.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
28161 Original Traceable® Lab Timer each $88.50

timer stopwatch

Electronic Timer/Stopwatch

Accurate LCD timer. Use numbered keys to count down from 99 minutes, 99 seconds. Stopwatch mode with time-out feature counts up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds, then automatically rolls over to zero to continue timing. Loud countdown alarm turns off manually or automatically after one minute. LCD digits are readable from 2.4m (8’) away. Battery included.

Flip-open easel for benchtop use, a spring fastener for clipping to lab coat and a magnetic back for attaching to metal surfaces. Rugged, chemical-resistant ABS case. 6.3 x 5.6 x 1.3cm (2.5 x 2.25 x 0.5"). Supplied with battery.
A serial numbered certificate indicates instrument traceability to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
54510 Electronic Timer/Stopwatch each $49.00