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Microscope Slide Coverslips and Cover Glass

SALE Single Fluorescence Reference Slides

blue, red, or yellow excitation

Fluor-Ref Fluorescence Reference Slides Fluorescence Reference Slides enable a check of how evenly a fluorescence illuminator is filling the field of view and whether it is centered. Are the laser output and MT settings for your Confocal Microscope being monitored?

Fluorescence Reference Slides provide a quick, easy-to-use solution. Made of durable plastic, they provide a continuous fluorescent field. No hunting for microspheres. No cellular photo bleaching.

Single Fluorescent Reference Slides available in the following spectra:

  • Blue excitation (DAPI / Indo / Fura)
  • Yellow excitation (Acridine Orange)
  • Red excitation (Rhodamine / Texas Red)

Available as a set of four (product number 2273) that also includes:

  • Green excitation (FITC / GFP)

To keep the slides clean, dust-free and easy to find, the set comes packaged in its own storage box.

Slide dimensions: 75 x 25 x 1.5mm., ±0.1mm for the thickness. *Please be aware there is not a specified standard variation requirement for this product.

Fluorescence Reference Slides are the innovation of Dr. P.C. Cheng of SUNY / Buffalo, NY.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
2273-B Fluorescence Reference Single Slide, Blue each $4.40
2273-R Fluorescence Reference Single Slide, Red each 4.40
2273-Y Fluorescence Reference Single Slide, Yellow each 4.40