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Magnification and FIB Standards
silicon test specimen
Pelcotec™ CDMS Critical Dimension Magnification Standards
silicon test specimen
Pelcotec™ G-1 Silicon
Calibration Specimen
1µm Pitch
Pelcotec™ LMS-20
Low Magnification
Calibration Standard
MRS-6 Magnification Reference Standard
1,500X to 1,000,000X
Critical Dimension (CD) Calibration Test Specimen for SEM/FIB/AFM
silicon test specimen
2D Holographic Array Very High Resolution Calibration Standards for SEM, FIB, AFM and Auger
Low-Mag Calibration Ruler
waffle grating replica

Low Magnification
Calibration Ruler
MRS-4 Magnification Reference Standard
10X to 200,000X
silicon test specimen
Planotec 10µm Pitch Silicon
Calibration Specimen
silicon test specimen
292nm Pitch High Magnification Calibration Standard for SEM, FIB, AFM, Auger
500nm Cross Line
Grating Replica
MRS-3 Magnification Reference Standard
10X to 50,000X
silicon test specimen
145nm Pitch High Magnification Calibration Standard for SEM, FIB, AFM, Auger
agar copper mesh grids
Fine Copper Mesh Grid Low Magnification Standard

X-Ray Microanalysis Standards (EDS/WDS/EPMA/XPS)
UHV-EL Reference
Standards for EDS/WDS
PELCO® XCS EDS Calibration Standards

X-CHECKER® X-Ray Reference Calibration for SEM
agar copper mesh grids
PELCO® Faraday Cup
NiOx test specimen for AEMPELCO® NiOx Test Specimen for Analytical Electron Microscopy (AEM) Planotec GSR
Planotec GSR & Particle Analysis Calibration Kit

Resolution Standards
AuSome™ Resolution Standard for SEM, FIB and FESEM
gold on carbon test specimen
Gold on Carbon
High Resolution Test Specimens
tin on carbon test specimen
Tin on Carbon Resolution
Test Specimens

NEW Sizes Available!
low magnification test specimen
Low Magnifcation Resolution Test Specimens

Performance Testing
back scattered test specimens
Back Scattered Electron Test Specimens
demonstration specimens
JN-1 SEM Demonstration Specimens
astigmatism corrector
PELCO® Astigmatism Corrector