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Clean Room Products

Cryo Gloves
Nylon gloves
Nylon Gloves
Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves Cleanroom
White Nitrile Gloves

GEM® Single Edge
in Dispenser
sticky swabs
Sticky Swabs

chemical resistant applicators
Chemical Resistant Applicators
Clean Jet no residue, filtered dust remover
Clean Jet 100 Dust
Braycote® Micronic 803 and 803 Vacuum Grease Braycote®
Micronic Grease
Carbon Conductive Tape
Carbon Conductive Tape, Double Coated
Purity Wipes
Purity Wipes & Electro Static Dissipative Wipes
TexWipe all-purpose cotton wipes
TexWipe® All Purpose
Cotton Wipes
pre-moistened 70% isopropyl wipes
Cleaning Wipes Presaturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
infrared thermometer Traceable® Infrared
PELCO Pro DLC Tweezers
PELCO® Pro High Precision DLC Coated Tweezers

self closing carbon tweezer, style 5XPELCO® Carbon
Fiber Replaceable Tweezers
PELCO® Ergonomic, ESD, Soft Grip Tweezers
PELCO® Ergonomic,
ESD, Soft Grip Tweezers

PELCO® SV Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tweezers
PELCO® SV and CF Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tweezers
Zirconia Ceramic Tweezers
Zirconia Ceramic
porta wand wafer vacuum
Vacuum Handling Tools
Gel-Pak Substrate Carriers
Gel-Pak® Substrate Carriers
6" Silicon Wafer
Clean Room Packed Ultra-Flat Silicon Wafers
Silicon Aperture Frame 0.5 x 0.5mm
Clean Room Packed PELCO® Silicon Aperture Frames
silicon nitride membranes
Clean Room Packed
PELCO® Silicon Nitride Support Films
Holey Silicon Nitride Support Films
Clean Room Packed
PELCO® Holey Silicon
Nitride Support Films
Silicon Nitride Membrane for CLEM
Clean Room Packed
CLEM Support Films
x-ray window square
Clean Room Packed
PELCO® X-ray Windows