New Products

Including supplies, instruments, and laboratory equipment
for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

cold plate
IceBerg™ Cold Plate & Base
super mega cassette
Super Mega Universal
Cassette Clamp Sarter Kits
KPFM-EFM Standard
aei standard loop filament
Tungsten Filaments

NEW styles available!
FIB Grid Box with Lid for lift-out or half grids
PELCO® FIB Grid Storage
Vacuum Desiccator
Storage Solutions
Diamond Cutter Wheels
cut resistant gloves
Cut Resistant Gloves
PELCO® Abrasive Dispenser
83076 front view
Silicone Rubber Slurry Mat
PELCO® Dimpler™
Tool & Platen Kits
PELCO® Dimpler™
Large Sample Kit
lapping fixtures
PELCO® Precision
Lapping Fixtures
PELCO® Micrometer
Measuring Stand

Polishing Cloths
polycrystalline diamond suspensionpolycrystalline diamond suspension
PELCO® Alcohol-Based
Diamond Suspension & Extender
Grinder Lapper Polisher
XP 20 Grinder/Polisher
54300-ULarge Sample Platform
PELCO® LatticeAx®
Upgrades for 120 Base or 225

Pelcotec™ CDMS& CDMS-
XY ISO Critical Dimension
Magnification Standards

PELCO X-Checker®

New improved versions!
16175-12PELCO Fortress FIB Holder and Sample Loader
PELCO® Fortress FIB
Holder™ & Sample Loader

Multi Holders for Smaller
Diameter Pin Stubs,
Pin and M4

Multi Metallographic
Mount Holders, Pin and M4

JEOL JCM-7000 NeoScope™
Stage Adapter Kit
short pin low profile 52/38° pin mount for fib
Dual Angle Pin Mounts
55°/35° for TESCAN
52°/38° for Thermo Fisher

Top Referencing Metallurgical
Mount Holders, Taller Versions
Kleindiek Prober
Shuttle Pin Stubs
short pin low profile 52/38° pin mount for fibshort pin low profile 52/38° pin mount for fib
Low Profile PELCO
SEMClip™, Pin and M4

Cressington 208HRD Sputter
Coater for FESEM

Cressington 108 Auto/SE

Carbon Fiber Source
for 108C Auto/SE and 208C

Sputter Targets
NEW sizes available!
wafer carriers for upright storage
Wafer Carriers & Transport

Porta-Wand® Elite Kit
small parts tips, 45 degrees bent
45° Bent Probes without Cups
technovit provil
Technovit® Provil® Putty
safety glasses for blue light curing
Safety Glasses
for Blue Light Curing
technovit provil
Kulzer Technovit® Provil
Impression System

Tin on Carbon Disc,
Wide Magnification Range
sinx substrates
SiNx Substrates
Heated Forceps
LED Heated Forceps
Curved Heated Forceps
Heated Tampers
bioclave benchtop autoclaves
BioClave™ Benchtop Autoclaves
UV Clave
UV Clave™
Vibratory Slicers
tumor matrices
PELCO® Marmoset
Brain Matrix
adjustable blade holder for easislicer
PELCO easiSlicer™
Adjustable Blade Holder

Stainless Steel
Instrument Trays
plastic instrument cases small
Instrument Cases
Stainless Steel & Plastic
PELCO® Scissors
Large Glass Microscope Slides
Large Microscope Slides
UV CureUV Cure
UV Cure Mounting Media
pop up slide mailer for 10 large slides
10-Slide Folder
for Large Slides
2-Slide Large Slide Mailer
2-Slide Large Slide Mailer
2-Slide Mailer
for Large Slides
R2 Rotator Head with Clips
PELCO® R2 Rotator
with Heads with Clips
PELCO Prep-Eze Rectangular Wellplate Insert 6 PELCO Prep-Eze Rectangular Wellplate Insert 12
PELCO 24 Pre-Eze Insert specimen dishes
PELCO Prep-Eze™
Specimen Dish Kits & Refills
wafer carriers for upright storage
Mortar & Pestle Sets
glass petri dishes
Glass Petri Dishes
microtome blade handles
TruSlice Digital
Specimen Slicing System
microtome blade handles
Microtome Blade Handles
scalpel blades and handle
Scalpel Blades & Handles
Swann Morton #4
Pathology Blades & Handles
Swann Morton #4 ergonomic
Retractable Safety Scalplels
Premium Quality Disposable Scalpels
Mini Disposable Scalpels

Miniature Scalpel
Blades & Handles
Mini Centrifuge
Mini Centrifuge
10ml Clear Conical Tube10ml Clear Conical Tube10ml Clear Conical Tube
Screw Cap 5ml & 10ml
Macrocentrifuge Tubes
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Snap Cap 5ml & 1.5ml
Centrifuge Tubes
reagent reservoirs
Reagent Reservoirs
chamber slides
Chamber Cell Culture Slides
cautery tips
Ovation® Pipettors
VistaLab™ Pipette Tips
for Ovation® Pipettes

Serological Pipettes
ali-q pipette controllers
ali-Q™ 2 Pipette
plasteur plastic pipette
Plasteur® Pipettes
benchbin hazardous waste container
BenchBin™ Hazardous
Waste Container
tissue guard gel
TissueGuard™ Specimen
Processing Gel
Seal N' Freeze Cryo Tray Mold
AutoGrid Tweezers
Clipping Station
AutoGrid Tweezers
AutoGrid Tweezers
AutoGrid Rings
& C-clips
autogrid tweezers
AutoGrid Inspection
& Clipping Tools
bulk storage and hybrid grid boxes
Metal Universal HPF
& Grid Storage Boxes
twist top cryo grid box
Cryo Grid Box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
Pin Lid Grid Box
Handling Tools

autogrid tweezers
autogrid tweezers
Cryo-EM & AutoGrid
Self-Closing Tweezers