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Laboratory Lubricants

Molydag Lubricant

Molydag Lubricant 210

Molydag 210 is a colloidal dispersion of molybdenum disulfide in alcohol. Molydag 210 offers excellent lubrication properties, even under extreme pressures. The material is easily applied by brush, dip or spray methods to surfaces which are not affected by alcohol. It exhibits good adhesion to most substrates and usually air dries in 5-10 minutes. Excess amounts should be avoided. Applications are sliders, rotary shafts, notches, locks and anti-seize thread lubricant. Can be used in small amounts for moving parts in vacuum (after drying). Sold in 30g brush bottle and 20g squeeze bottle.

F, I, T SDS (147KB PDF)
Technical Notes, Molydag Lubricant 210

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
16061 Molydag Lubricant 210 in brush bottle, 30g each $8.45
16061-20 Molydag Lubricant 210 in squeeze bottle, 20g each 8.15

Aerodag G Graphite Aerosol

Graphite Aerosol Lubricant

Bonderite L-GP formerly known as Aerodag® G; same product now with new label

Excellent lubrication properties when sprayed on surfaces or in mechanisms such as locks, sliders and hinges. Works well on most plastics. Can be used in vacuum systems when dry.

Other applications are conductive spray for non-conductive SEM specimen to enable imaging at low magnification and making plastics conductive for plating.

Sold in 10 oz. (284g) spray can.

PELCO® Technical Notes, Graphite Aerosol (PDF/479KB)
F, I - SDS (132KB PDF)   

Conductive Adhesives Comparison Table

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
16058 Graphite Aerosol, 10 oz (284g) each $42.25
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DOW Corning Grease

MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease

vacuum grease, general lab use

A silicone lubricant for glass stopcocks, joints and glass-rubber connections. Stable from -40°C to +204°C. Not for use in electron microscopes.
Technical Notes: MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease (16KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
891-7 MOLYKOTE® High-Vacuum Grease, 150g tube each $63.40

Silicone Mold Release

Silicone Mold Release

This superior formulation of silicone mold release is particularly useful for easy release of cold or hot embedding molds. Cured resin embedding can be easily removed from plastic embedding mold when a thin layer of silicone mold release is sprayed on the inside of the mold. Apply a thin coat before loading sample and embedding powder (phenolic, Lucite, epoxy or diallyl phatalate) in hot embedding presses. Also prevents sticking of materials such as plastics, rubber and waxes to molds. Contains no CFC, HCFC or chlorinated solvents. Temperature Range: 40°F to 500°F (5°C to 260°C).

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Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
813-206 Silicone Mold Release, 341g (12 oz.) each $11.90

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