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Cryo-TEM Supplies

Cryo Embedding

Embedding Media

Uranyl Acetate
uv cryo chamber
UV Cryo Chamber
cryo freezer hats
PELCO® Freezer Hats
seal'n freeze trays and freeze box

LR Gold Resin

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
18183 LR Gold Resin, 500ml each $275.00
I - SDS (113KB PDF)
Resin (acrylic) only, no catalyst included. Requires Catalyst Prod. No. 18186: UV, benzoin methyl ether SDS (99KB PDF) (~365nm) (0.5% w/v); "blue light", benzyl (~460nm) (0.1% w/v); benzoyl peroxide SDS (113KB PDF) (1% w/v), cold-cure. Accurate measurements of catalyst are very important. LR Gold can be used at low temperatures (-25°C) and has proven very useful for immunogold procedures. Very low viscosity: 8cP. Applied to both LM (enzyme histochemistry) and EM (immunochemistry) techniques.
Technical Notes (1,816KB PDF)

Lowicryl® HM-20 MonoStep® (non polar)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
For Sale in U.S.A. Only
18174 Lowicryl® HM-20 MonoStep® (non polar), 225g Pre-mixed, ready to use embedding media each $471.75
I, O, T - SDS (121KB PDF) - There are Hazard Shipping Fees associated with this product. - Hazard Shipping Fees

Uranyl Acetate

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
19481 Uranyl Acetate, 25g each $224.00
T, R (depleted) - SDS (162KB PDF)
PELCO® Technical Notes, Uranium Salts for Staining, Uranyl Acetate (pdf)
UO2(CH3COO)2 - 2H2O; [6159-44-0]; FW 424.14
Positive or negative stain, EM. May cause adverse mutagenic or teratogenic effects.

PELCO® UVC3 Cryo Chamber

PELCO UVC3 Cryo Chamber
PELCO® UVC3 Exterior/Control Panel
ultraviolet cryo chamber for low temperature curing / ultraviolet curing of polymers or resins
PELCO® UVC3 Interior

6202 UVC2 control panel
Control Panel

UVC3 UV Cryo Chamber Screen Chart for Intuitive Programming
The PELCO® UVC3 Cryo Chamber has been specifically designed to provide an economical yet precisely controlled low temperature environment for polymerization of polymers and resins for cryo specimen preparation. It can also be used for dehydration and infiltration of cryo specimens. This simple and functional unit has a large insulated chamber and comprises fully automatic temperature control for the polymerization process of embedding resins and polymers.


  • Liquid crystal display and PLC control
  • Fan cooled electronic ballast for UV lamp tubes
  • Temperature range can be set from -10°C to -40°C (14°F to -40°F)
  • Includes memory function for Min/Max temperatures during any run
  • 365nm ultraviolet lamps thermally shielded by dual pane Plexiglas
  • Holds up to 66 samples with BEEM® Cryo Capsule Holders
  • Perfect for Unicryl, LR White, LR Gold, Lowicryls, JB-4, Quetols and all other resins cured by 365nm UV radiation
  • Universal voltage


  • Add dry ice to the chamber
  • Set temperature (-10°C to -40°C / 14°F to -40°F)
  • Turn on UV lamp and cure embedding resins


UV Light Source Two 15-watt self-filtering long wavelength tubes
1600 µW/cm_ of 365nm UV radiation at 15cm (6")
Temperature Control -10°C to -40°C (14°F to -40°F) Typically +/- 1.5 °C
Control Type LCD Display with PLC with function buttons
Exterior Dimensions 64.l L x 36.8 W x 48.9cm H (25.25" L x 14.50" W x 19.25" H)
Interior Dimensions 56.5 L x 30.5 W x 33.7cm H (22.25" L x 12" W x 13.4" H)
Power Requirements 110 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz (240V-0.5A, 110V-1A)
Weight 11.4 kg (25 lbs.) / Shipping weight: 18.2kg (40 lbs.)

Manufactured in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
6202 PELCO® UVC3 Cryo Chamber, 110 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, includes 3 BEEM® Cryo Capsule Holders each $2950.00
6207 BEEM® Cryo Capsule Holder for UV Curing each 16.25
10506 Flat Embedding Mold, PTFE, with metal frame, 16 cavities each 76.50
10506-10 Flat Embedding Mold, PTFE, with metal frame, 11 size 00 cavities each 75.00
10508 Flat Embedding Mold, PTFE, with metal frame, 3 cavities each 76.50
23065 Ultraviolet Tube, 15 watts (2 required) each 51.25

PELCO® Freezer Hats for High Pressure Freezing

cryo freezer hats

Freezer Hats are used in such Cryo instruments as:

  • Balzers
  • Leica
  • Cressington
  • RMC

Planchet designs are roughly shown below in cross section. They are available in brass only. Depths of cavity in the planchets are 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm. Using the two planchets, one on the other, in various combinations, permit the cavity thicknesses as illustrated below.

planchet a Brass Planchet "A"
planchet b Brass Planchet "B"

freezer hat 1 freezer hat 2 freezer hat 3
0.1mm 0.2mm 0.3mm

freezer hat 4 freezer hat 5 freezer hat 6
0.4mm 0.5mm 0.6mm

ordering information
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
39200 PELCO® Freezer Hats, Brass, Specimen Holders, 2 Chambers, Type A pkg/50 $271.20
39201 PELCO® Freezer Hats, Brass, Specimen Holders, 1 Chamber, Type B pkg/50 264.00