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Tweezers Overview
Cryo-EM Supplies
Thermo Fisher/FEI Vitrobot Supplies
AutoGrid & Clipping Tools

Cryo-EM Tweezers Overview

autogrid tweezers
NEW AutoGrid Tweezers
for Thermo Fisher/FEI
Vitrobot - Replacement tweezers
NEW Tweezers Assembly for Vitrobot
Mark IV, III, II & I
Dumont style 3 Tweezers
DUMONT Electronic Tweezers
PELCO Pro ESD Epoxy Tweezers No. 00
Epoxy Precision Tweezers
aesculap forceps
PELCO® Ergonomic, ESD Safe,
Soft Grip Tweezers
aesculap forceps
Ergonomic Tweezers
ceramic tip tweezers
PELCO® Ceramic Tipped Tweezers

AutoGrid Tweezers
Shown with standard handle (#47000-600) top,
self-closing handle (#47000-605) at bottom

NEW AutoGrid Tweezers

The AutoGrid Tweezers are designed to handle the Thermo Fisher/FEI AutoGrids. The tweezer tip has a step cut out that enables the user to securely hold the AutoGrid while transferring it from the clipping station to the cassette. 

Available with both standard (#47000-600) and self-closing handles (#47000-605).

AutoGrid Tweezers

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
47000-600 AutoGrid Tweezers each $395.00
47000-605 NEW Self-Closing AutoGrid Tweezers each 395.00

Vitrobot - Replacement tweezers

Shown with standard slide-clamp (#47000-500) top,
self-closing tweezer (#47000-505) at bottom

NEW Tweezers Assembly for Vitrobot Mark IV, III, II & I

Complete replacement tweezers assembly for the FEI Vitrobot Mark IV-I.

Includes ultra fine points DUMONT #5 tweezers mounted on dovetail. Available with either a standard slide-clamp (#47000-500) or self-closing tweezer handle (#47000-505).

The new self-closing Vitrobot tweezer enables one-handed operation when picking-up/releasing a grid and eliminating the often frustrating sliding clamp that requires a 2nd hand to lock the tweezers closed. The self-closing tweezers hold the grid securely in their resting state and release when applying a small amount of pressure.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
47000-500 Slide-Clamp Tweezers Assembly for FEI Vitrobot Mark IV-I each $689.50
47000-505 NEW Self-Closing Tweezers Assembly for FEI Vitrobot Mark IV-I each 565.00