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Tweezers for Cryo
PELCO® Wire Cutting Tweezers
SS= stainless steel, NM-SS= non-magnetic stainless steel

PELCO® Ergonomic, ESD Safe, Soft Grip Tweezers

These non-magnetic stainless steel precision tweezers with soft ESD safe ergonomic grips offer enhanced operator comfort and safe handling of ESD (electro static discharge) sensitive components. The soft and elastic handles are made of NBR vulcanized nitrile rubber and have a low surface resistivity of 108 – 109 Ohm. The material has outstanding wear/abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance against oils, grease, fuels, acid and detergents. Temperature resistance up to 100°C (212°F). Clean room safe.

Ideal for repetitive handling tasks in specimen preparation, electronics, instrumentation, laboratories, forensics and delicate wafer handling. Especially useful for handling ESD sensitive components. The soft grip greatly improves handling of pressure sensitive parts/components. Color of soft grip can be light or dark blue.