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TEM Supplies
Safe Handling of LN2

Cryo-EM Supplies

TEM Substrates
ultraufoil closeup 1ultraufoil close up 2
UltrAuFoil® Holey
Gold Support Films
AutoGrid Tweezers
AutoGrid Tweezers
NEW AutoGrid
Rings & C-clips
Dry Cryo Shipper
PELCO easiGlow™
Cryo-EM Glow Discharge Set
Vitrobot - Cryo Grid Boxes
Cryo Grid Boxes

Cryo Grid Box Handling Tools
autogrid tweezers
AutoGrid & Clipping Tools
thermo fisher fei vitrobot supplies
Thermo Fisher/FEI
Vitrobot Supplies
autogrid tweezers
vitrobot tweezer
aesculap forceps
PELCO Pro ESD Epoxy Tweezers No. 00
Tweezers for Cryo

Cryo Tool Warmer

Cryo-Embedding Supplies
Cryo Knives

Dry Cryo ShipperLarge Cryogenic Dewar Flasks
Cryo Dewars, Foam Dewars
& Cryo Shippers
Seal N' Freeze Cryo Box
Cryo Compatible Containers
Cryo Glovescryo faceshield
Cryo Safety Supplies
Dual Point Cryo Marker
Cryo-EM Markers & Pens