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Pfeiffer DUO 3.0 on Antivibration Tray

rotary vacuum pump

The Pfeiffer DUO 3.0 Rotary Vane Pump for the 208 series coaters consists of a desktop compatible direct drive, compact 2-stage rotary pump on an anti-vibration tray. This high performance pumping system provides rapid pump-down for shorter cycle times and better coating results.


Rotary Pump Specifications:
Configuration High speed, direct drive, 2-stage
Pumping Speed 2.9m³/hr (2.5m³/hr)@ 60Hz (50Hz)
Ultimate vacuum 0.3Pa (3 x 10-3 mbar)
Rated Power 180 W @ 60Hz, 150 W @ 50Hz
Flange Connection NW/KF 16 (Intake and Exhaust)
Operating Fluid Filling 0.4L
Fluid Type Pfeiffer P3
Voltage 100-120V or 220-240V (specify on order)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
7010 Desktop Rotary Pump, High Speed, 115V, 60Hz each $2340.00
7010-220 Desktop Rotary Pump, High Speed, 220V, 50/60Hz each 2940.00
891-38 Pfeiffer P3 Oil for #7010 or #7010-220 Rotary Pump 1 liter 31.65
9609 Exhaust Filter, for #7010 or 7010-220 Rotary Pump each 72.75

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