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NW/KF flanges

The NW/KF style, quick release vacuum connections are the industry standard for vacuum components in the low and medium vacuum range and can be found on a variety of laboratory, production and test equipment. All PELCO® NW/KF style vacuum connections conform to the international ISO 2861/I standard. Many pumps and vacuum gauges use the standard NW/KF flanges for easy integration. Test systems can be readily and quickly built utilizing the large selection of NW/KF type components and can be easily modified for new tasks and applications. The PELCO® NW/KF style vacuum components are available in the standard NW16 to NW50, with some components available in the smaller NW10.

The NW/KF system refers to the internal bore in mm:
  Internal Diameter
NW10 10mm
NW16 16mm
NW25 25mm
NW40 40mm
NW50 50mm
The terms NW, KF or QF all refer to the same standard quick release vacuum couplings.
Most standard components are made from a high quality grade 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is a cleaner, stronger and more durable alternative to aluminum. For specific applications, some vacuum components are also available in aluminum. The competitively priced PELCO® Ball Valves offer an elegant, easy and quick way to close/open vacuum lines.

NW/KF clamps centering ring with o-ring NW/KF protective caps Protective Cap for NW/KF flange
NW/KF Clamps, O-Rings, Blanking Plates & Plastic Caps
NW/KF vacuum elbows NW/KF vacuum tees
NW/KF vacuum crosses
NW/KF Elbows, Tees, Crosses & Straight Tube Connectors
wire reinforced thick wall pvc vacuum hose
hose clamps for vacuum hose, stainless steel
NW/KF hose adapter, 304 stainless steel
Vacuum Hose, Hose Clamps & NW/KF Hose Adapters
pelco® NW/KF ball valvespelco® NW/KF ball valves
Vacuum Valves
NW/KF flexible stainless steel hose
NW/KF metal compressed bellows, 304 stainless steel
Stainless Steel Hoses/Bellows
NW/KF Female Adapter
ntp male NW/KF flange adapternpt male NW/KF flange adapter
NPT Flange Adapters

NW/KF conical reducer

NW/KF Conical Reducers
& Stub Flanges
NW/KF conical reducer
NW/KF conical reducer
Vacuum Flange Adapters
Quick Test NW/KF Vacuum Gauge

Quick Test NW/KF Gauges
NW/KF Viewports
NW/KF Viewports
NW/KF Quick Couplings

NW/KF Quick Couplings
NW/KF to Swagelock

NW/KF to Swagelok®
NW-KF Electrical Feedthroughs

NW/KF Electrical Feedthroughs
vacuum greases and leak sealants
Vacuum Grease &
High Vacuum Leak Sealants

compact oil mist eliminator
Filters, Adapters
& Foreline Traps
Bullseye Precision Gauge
Bullseye & P-100 Pirani
Digital Gauges
Dual Stage Rotary Vacuum Pump

Dual Stage, Rotary Vane,
Vacuum Pumps