Tools Overview

Vacuum Equipment, Products and Supplies

high vacuum pumps
High Vacuum Pumps
and Diaphragm Pumps
vacuum components and fittings
Vacuum Connection Parts
NW/KF Fittings, Hoses
and Adapters
vacuum fluids and filters
Vacuum Fluids, Oils,
Foreline Traps and Filters
vacuum greases and leak sealants
Vacuum Grease and
High Vacuum Leak Sealants
Vacuum Coating Systems
Vacuum Coating Systems,
Sputter and Carbon Coaters
vacuum desiccators and containers
Vacuum Desiccators
Vacuum Storage Containers
substrates and supports for
Substrates, Specimen Supports
Silicon, Mica, Quartz,
Gold Coated products
Pirani Vacuum Guage
Bullseye and P-100 Pirani Digital Vacuum Gauge
Wires for Evaporation Tungsten Wire
High Purity Evaporation Materials
High Purity Materials and
Wires for Vacuum
Evaporation Deposition
Vacuum Evaporation<br />Filaments & Baskets
Vacuum Evaporation Sources
Filaments, Wire Baskets,
Metal Boats
Sputter Targets

Disc Type Sputter Targets
for a wide variety of
Sputter & Ion Coater Brands
Pelco Bell Jar Clean
Bell Jar Kleen
for Cleaning
Bell Jars

Ted Pella, Inc. offers an extensive line of vacuum equipment, supplies and products used in the preparation of specimens for microscopy. A line of vacuum pumps offered, including Dual Stage High Vacuum Rotary Vane, Dry Scroll and Diaphragm pumps to provide solutions for a wide range of end uses. Many vacuum connection parts are offered for connecting the pump to the device, such as to a vacuum coating system or vacuum desiccator / vacuum storage container. Different ratings of vacuum grease and vacuum oils and fluids are offered for easy selection. Evaporation materials including carbon and a variety of metal materials in the form wires and sputter targets for a wide range of equipment and needed end results. Substrates, specimen supports, filaments, wire baskets, bell jars, bell jar stand and cleaning supplies round out what you need to make your vacuum associated lab work easier and more productive.