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Embedding Supplies
Specimen Preparation for Microscopy

Electron Microscopy Embedding
Histology Embedding Supplies
Materials Science Embedding Supplies

ACLAR® Film being cut outACLAR® Film on mount
BEEM® Products
specimen embedding capsules

BEEM® Flat Embedding Mold
BEEM® Blocklock™
Storage Modules

BEEM® Storage Boxes
Slimsette Tissue Cassette
CellPath® Cassettes

Slimsette Tissue Cassette
Simport™ Cassettes

disposable syringes
Disposable Syringes,
Syringe Needles
Capsules, Snap-Fit® Gelatin CapsulesSnap-Fit® Capsules,
Gelatin Capsules & Holders
NEW holder
styles available!
Peel-A-Way® Disposable Histology Molds

Peel-A-Way Molds
Embedding Molds
Embedding Molds
Tiisue Marking Dyes

Silicone Molds,
Easy Molds
Easy Molds, size 00

Micromoulds, size 00
flat bottom embedding capsules
Flat Bottom Capsules
PELCO® Epoxy Mount Kits
PELCO® Epoxy Mount Kits

Materials Science Molds
Materials Science Molds
Giammara-Hanker Cast-A-Slide Translucent Mold - slide mold
Cast-a-Slide Mold

Molds for Flat Embedding Machined from PTFE Resin
PTFE Flat Molds
Poly/Bed<sup>®</sup> 812 Resin Test Kit
Embedding Kits
Paraplast® Plus
Tissue Embedding Media
PolarStat Plus Colors
PolarStat Plus™ Colors

PELCO® Cryo-
Embedding Compound

orangewood sticks
Applicator Sticks, Wooden
Picks, Bamboo Splints,
Cotton Swabs
Aluminum DishesDisposable aluminum dishes
for weighing or mixing

Spacer Bar For Super Mega Slim Cassettes
Lab-TAG Cryo Labels
Chemically Resistant Labels
tissue basket
Critical Point Dryer Accessories