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Motic® BA210 Basic Biological Light Microscope

Teaching and Lab Microscope
motic ba210 biological microscope

The Motic® BA210 provides high resolution and excellent optical performance for all microscopy needs. The BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments from basic life sciences to medical biological applications. The BA210's standard configuration along with the newly formulated Motic® Infinity Optics (CCIS®), best meets the needs of the College, University, and Medical school markets. The BA210 delivers a high level of performance in education and training.

The BA210 is setting the standard in microscope performance through improvements in optical, mechanical and student proof features. The new generation of EF-N Plan Achromatic objectives provide a fully corrected intermediate image for crisp and clear visual and digital results. Whether using the powerful 6V/30W Halogen or the 3W LED light source version, light consuming contrast methods like phase contrast, polarization or darkfield microscopy are easily performed. A complete range of options and accessories are available to configure the BA210 to your application. See all options available on the BA210 Microscope Systems Diagram .

BA210 Siedentopf Observation Tube
Trinocular Head

Siedentopf Observation Tube

The BA210's sidentopf observation tube is designed with an ergonomic viewing angle of 30° and incorporating an interpupillary distance of 55-75mm. The BA210 observation tubes guarantee fatigue-free viewing for hours. An optional large field of view (20mm) enables fast and comfortable screening of a specimen. The trinocular tubes allow digital documentation and integration to a wide variety of digital cameras, with optional 20/80 or 0/100 light splits for the trinocular exit.

BA210 standard eyepieces


The standard eyepieces are made of high quality optical glass and have a high eyepoint for eyeglass wearers. The eyepieces provide consistent diopter adjustments for both eyes. This enables perfect usage of reticles for measuring, counting, etc. Standard lockable eyepieces guard against inadmissible removal.

BA210 Reversed Quadruple Turret Revolving Nosepiece

Reversed Quadruple Turret Revolving Nosepiece

The BA210 has the capability for mounting up to four quality objectives, allowing easy access to the slide. Precision positive click-stop mechanism ensures precise alignment of objectives.


To improve overall optical performance of the BA210, Motic® introduces a newly designed generation of Plan Achromatic Objectives made of high quality optical glass: CCIS® EF-N Plan. These new lenses are now multilayer coated for improved contrast to enhance images even with weak slide staining. Together with a newly calculated tube lens, the result is a fully coated, perfected intermediate image without colored fringes. The trinocular BA210 gives digital access to the same for even sharper imaging and improved digital output quality for professional results at the student level. RMS thread.

 Fine/Coarse Coaxial Focusing

Coaxial fine and course focusing mechanism is precision brass manufactured using a reliable triangular rail system, with adjustable tension, providing durable operation of the microscope. The focusing range is 25mm with minimum increments of 2µm.

BA210 Condenser


To ensure the perfect height adjustment of the condenser, a condenser lock is available. While using phase/darkfield sliders, the teacher can pre-set the condenser position to prevent potential student mis-adjustments.


The BA210 introduces a new collector lens assembly with a secure, threaded holder for the frequently used blue daylight filter, which is an integral part of the illumination package. The fixed cap prevents the filter from dropping and breaking when the instrument is moved or stored. The BA210 offers multiple illumination options to use on the microscope- 6V/30W Halogen, 3W LED or mirror.

BA210 Mechanical Stage

Mechanical Stage

The BA210 offers an optional left/right hand control and the slide holder enables consistent sample movement across a 76x30mm range. The BA210 also offers a hard coated surface, resistant against routine usage abrasion and most lab chemicals.

Light source with integrated power supply

The universal power supply (110-240V) is integrated inside the frame for increased stability. The 6V/30W halogen lamp with intensity controls provides bright and even illumination at any magnification. Alternatively, a bright white 3W LED illumination is available.

Anti-Fungus Coating

To protect the system from fungus formation in high-humidity environments, an anti-fungus coating is used to prolong the life of both microscope and objectives.

BA210 Simple Phase Contrast

Simple Phase Contrast

Offered as an option, simple phase contrast is available for magnification 10x and 40x.

ba210 simple darkfield slider

Simple Darkfield

Darkfield is possible with a separate DF slider.

BA210 polarizer - analyzer

Simple Polarization (not applicable with LED illumination)

Convenient and simple, the BA210 polarization system consists of an analyzer filter placed between the head and body; and a polarizer filter placed on top of the collector lens.


The importance of documentation has expanded into every aspect of microscopy, as has the method of documentation. The BA210 is available with both a traditional method (photomicrography) and a digital method.

ba210 digital documentation trinocular microscope

Standard Photomicrography

Selecting the trinocular version of the BA210 allows the user to capture the images observed through a photomicrography system. The system consists of a mechanical adaptation combined with a photo eyepiece (2.5X or 4X) The T2 adapter referring to the camera model is supplied by the camera manufacturer.

Digital Documentation

The integration of the BA210 Trinocular Microscope and Moticam® series of digital cameras delivers crisp and live images. All Moticam® cameras come equipped with software to transfer the BA210 into an analysis and documentation station. With a USB2.0 output to the computer, the system provides high resolution imaging in both real time and capture modes. Should you choose a Motic® or third-party camera, Motic® provides a range of C-mount adapters which are necessary for trinocular port attachment.Another option is the BA210 digital microscope with integral 3.0 megapixel camera, listed below.

BA210 Technical Specifications
Optical System Parfocal distance 45mm CCIS® Optical System (Color Corrected Infinity System)
Observation tube Siedentopf 30° Binocular. Optional Trinocular with 100% binocular or 100% photo.
Eyepiece  Widefield high eyepoint WF 10x (FN20)
Nosepiece Quadruple reversed
Coaxially positioned control knobs, coarse 42mm/rotation, fine 0.2mm/rotation. Min. increment 2µm. Coarse motion torque adjustable. Brass Gears.
Stage Rectangular 140 x 135mm surface area, 76 x 30mm cross travel. Hard coated surface, vertical movement range is 25mm.
Substage Illumination 6V/30W Quartz Halogen lamp / Attachable mirror set
Power Requirements Universal; 110-240V; 50/60Hz
Filter Blue

ba210 dimensions
BA210 Dimensions (unit: mm)

Key Improvements on BA210

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
Complete Systems for the BA210
22455-10 BA210 Binocular,N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, EF-N Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x S, 100x S-Oil, focusable 1.25 NA, Abbe Condenser, Halogen Illumination 6V/30W each $1499.00
22455-12 BA210 Trinocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, EF-N Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x S, 100x S-Oil, focusable 1.25 NA, Abbe Condenser, Halogen Illumination 6V/30W each 1785.00
Complete Systems for the BA210 with LED Illumination
22455-11 BA210 Binocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, EF-N Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x S, 100x S-Oil, focusable 1.25 NA, Abbe Condenser, 3W Bright LED Illumination with intensity control each 1468.00
22455-14 BA210 Trinocular, N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, EF-N Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x S, 100x S-Oil, focusable 1.25 NA, Abbe Condenser, 3W Bright LED Illumination with intensity control each 1702.00
All BA210 microscopes include 45mm blue filter, power cord and vinyl dust cover. Universal power supply 110-240V, 50/60Hz. Blue filter not included with LED Illumination.
Complete Digital System for the BA210
22455-200 BA210 Digital,N-WF10x/20 Eyepieces, EF-N Plan Achromat Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x S, 100x S-Oil, focusable 1.25 NA, Abbe Condenser, Halogen Illumination 6V/30W Built-in digital Live Hi- Res 3.0 megapixel imaging chip (2048x1536), USB 2.0 connection and Motic® Image PLUS software for PC or Mac each 2383.00
Accessories and Options for the BA210
Eyepieces (each)
22455-312 N-WF12.5x/18mm, focusable with diopter adjustment each 211.00
22455-313 N-WF15x/16mm, focusable with diopter adjustment each 141.00
Reticles (each)
22455-301 Cross Line, ø25mm each 61.00
22455-302 Cross Line w Micrometer (100 div. in 10mm), ø25mm each 61.00
22455-303 Micrometer (100 div. in 10mm), ø25mm each 60.00
22455-305 Eyepiece Pointer, ø25mm each 59.00
EF-N Plan Achromat Objectives - EF-N PL
22455-322 CCIS® EF-N Plan Achromatic Objective 20x/0.40 (WD 1.3mm) each 91.00
22455-327 CCIS® EF-N Plan Achromatic Objective 60x/0.8/S (WD 0.14mm) each 188.00
Phase Contrast Equipment
22430-365 Phase Slider 10x each 98.00
22455-366 Phase Slider 40x each 81.00
22431-370 Phase Centering Telescope each 117.00
22466-417 Phase Slider PH1 each 81.00
22431-361 3-Position Phase Slider for PH10x, PH40x, BF each 89.00
22455-410 Simple Darkfield Slider 10-40x each 134.00
Simple Polarizing (not applicable with LED illumination)
22430-412 Simple Add on Analyzer each 47.00
22430-414 Simple Add on Polarizer each 47.00
Photo and Video Adapters - Necessary for Camera Mounting on Trinocular Port
22455-400 2.5x SLR projection lens, requires photo eyepiece each 153.00
22455-402 Photo Eyepiece 2.5x for photo adapter each 270.00
22455-404 Photo Eyepiece 4x for photo adapter each 212.00
22455-405 1.0x C-mount Camera Adapter (no lens) each 193.00
22455-406 0.65x C-mount Adapter for 2/3" chip sensors each 193.00
22455-407 0.5x C-mount camera adapter for 1/2" chip sensors each 165.00
22439-408 0.35x C-mount camera adapter for 1/3" chip sensors each 265.00
Optional Accessories and Replacements
22430-420 Yellow Filter (45mm) each 23.00
22430-421 Green Filter (45mm) each 23.00
22430-426 BA210 Mirror Set each 52.00
22431-230 Quartz Halogen Lamp, 6V/30W each 24.00
22430-240 Immersion Oil, 5ml each 11.00

Motic Microscope Cameras

Moticam® Digital Color Cameras for BA210 Trinocular Microscope

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