TEM Supplies
Safe Handling of LN2

Cryo Supplies

Dry Cryo Shipper
PELCO easiGlow™
Cryo-EM Glow Discharge Set
Metal - Cryo Grid BoxesMetal - Cryo Grid Boxes
NEW Metal Cryo Grid
Storage Box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
gripper tool for cryo grid box
NEW Cryo Grid Box
Gripper Tool
Vitrobot - Cryo Grid Boxes
Cryo Grid Boxes
Vitrobot Consumables
Dry Cryo ShipperDewar Flasks with Handles
Dewars with Handles
NEW 4300ml Size
Dry Cryo Shipper
Dry Cryo Shipper
Large Cryogenic Dewar Flasks Large Cryogenic Dewar Flasks
Large Dewars
Low Form Dewar Flasks
Low Form Dewars
Lab Grade Dewar Flasks
Lab Grade Dewars

Cryo Dewars
Cryo GlovesCryo booties
NEW Cryo Safety Supplies
cryo faceshield
NEW Protective
Face Shields
cryo faceshield
NEW Cryo Hose Covers
Cryo Compatible Containers
Cryo Compatible
Cryo Knives
Cryo Knives
ultraufoil closeup 1ultraufoil close up 2
NEW UltrAuFoil® Holey
Gold Support Films
cryo freezer hats
Freezer Hats
uv cryo chamber
UV Cryo Chamber

NEW Cryo Laminate

NEW Cryo Tapes
cryo EM marker pens
Marker Pens
NEW Safety & Warning Labels (Cryo/General)

Lab-TAG Cryo Labels
Cryo Color Dots

NitriTAG Barcode Labels LabelsLab-TAG Cryo Labels
NitroTAG®& MetaliTAG™
Cryo Label Systems