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Histology Embedding Supplies

Slimsette Tissue Cassette
CellPath® Cassettes
Slimsette Tissue Cassette
Simport™ Cassettes

embedding ring with ss base mold
Embedding Rings
Peel-A-Way® Disposable Histology Molds
Peel-A-Way MoldsEmbedding Molds
Base Molds
PolarStat Plus Colors
Plus™ Colors

PELCO® Cryo-
Embedding Compound
parapro blue bag
Blue Paraffin
Paraplast® Plus
Paraplast® Tissue
Embedding Media
Base Mold Release
Lab-TAG Labels
Laboratory Label Systems
LED Lighted Forceps
LED Lighted
Forceps & Scissors
Seal N' Freeze Cryo Tray Mold
SEAL'N FREEZE® Cryo Embedding Molds and
CRYOTRAY® Freeze Box