DFR Insert with Round and Square PTFE Cassette Holder, for Microwave Processing
PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System

PELCO TissueVac®
Histology Vacuum Accessory

Vacuum Chamber and Embedding - Processing Cassette Holder - for Microwave Processing

microwave vacuum chamber
PELCO TissueVac® Accessory shown with Cassette Holder
in Vacuum Chamber / Processing Container with Temperature Probe inserted

The PELCO TissueVac® Histology Vacuum Accessory is designed for the PELCO BioWave® Pro+ Microwave Processor and can be used in conjunction with the PELCO ColdSpot®. It can be used with any of the three vacuum settings on the PELCO BioWave® Pro (vacuum cycle, vacuum on W/MW, vacuum on) or without the vacuum function.

The container and lid are made from microwave-transparent polypropylene. The integrated temperature probe allows the use of temperature restriction conrol with vacuum.

The cassette holder will hold up to 58 standard size plastic cassettes, all in the same orientation and plane. This assures that every tissue sample will see the same microwave conditions. The paraffin heating tile is used as a heat receptor during paraffin infiltration.

The PELCO TissueVac® System is comprised of the following components:
Processing Container (36160-1); Lid Assembly (36160-2); Cassette Holder (PTFE) for 58 cassettes (36160-3); Paraffin Heating Tile (36160-4); PTFE coated Temperature Probe (36160-5); L-gasket (36160-6); Nylon Locking Strap (36160-7); Operation Manual.

cassettes loaded into cassette holder cassette holder with lid on 36160-4 Paraffin Heating Tile
Cassettes loaded into Round Cassette Holder 36160-3 Top piece put in place Paraffin Heating Tile

Vacuum Chamber outside dimensions:
169.9mm H (with handle) x 277.8mm W (with handles)
(6.69" H x 10.09" W)

Vacuum Chamber inside dimensions (with paraffin heating tile and lid in place):
92.2mm H x 177.3mm dia. (3.63" H x 6.98 dia.)

Cassette Holder dimensions (with handle):
7.94cm H (with handle) x 17.5cm dia. (3.125" H x 6.875" dia.)

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Ordering Information

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
36160 PELCO TissueVac® System each $1243.00


Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
36160-1 Processing Container each $445.50
36160-2 Lid Assembly for 36160 each 414.70
36160-3 Cassette Holder, round, for 58 cassettes each 270.60
36160-4 Paraffin Heating Tile for 36160 each 107.80
36160-5 PTFE coated Temperature Probe each 259.60
36160-6 L-gasket for 36160 each 47.60
36160-7 Nylon Locking Strap each 3.20