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PELCO BioWave® Pro+ Equipment & Accesories

The PELCO ColdSpot®

Now Offered in Two Designs

pelco coldspot pro pelco coldspot pp
PELCO ColdSpot® Pro PELCO ColdSpot® Plus


The PELCO ColdSpot® is designed to rest on the floor of the PELCO BioWave® Pro+ Laboratory Tissue Processing System. Water can be circulated and cooled by the built-in Load Cooler in the PELCO BioWave Pro or by the external PELCO® SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital, thermoelectric recirculating chiller.

pelco coldspot pro

PELCO ColdSpot® Pro

designed as a temperature controlled surface
will enhance most tissue processing steps

The PELCO ColdSpot® Pro is designed for microwave processing techniques that benefit from an efficient heat transfer between the PELCO ColdSpot® surface and the sample. This product design provides excellent temperature control for electron microscopy tissue processing, immunolabeling and in situ hybridization protocols. The glass surface dissipates heat quickly and efficiently. This design creates a flat surface across the entire glass top enabling a wide range of usage with consistency. The temperature of the water inside this PELCO ColdSpot® should not exceed 60°C (140° F) because the thermal properties of the plastic and the adhesive will be compromised at higher temperatures. All PELCO® Microwave processors can be set to maintain the temperature below this critical point. Designed for use with 3536 PELCO® Vacuum Chamber.

Glass plate area dimensions: 223 W x 291mm D (8.78 W x 11.34" D)
Overall dimensions: 267 W x 381 D x 108mm H (10.5 W x 15 D x 4.25" H)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
36116-10 PELCO ColdSpot® Pro each $1248.50

pelco coldspot pp

PELCO ColdSpot® Plus

designed for higher solution temperatures

The PELCO ColdSpot® Plus is designed for microwave processing techniques that benefit from retained heat and higher solution temperatures. The unique construction of this PELCO ColdSpot® is designed for the temperature requirements encountered during paraffin processing applications. The all-welded construction combined with the solvent resistant and thermal properties of the plastic make it the ideal choice when processing solution temperatures of 50°C (122° F) or higher are required. This PELCO ColdSpot® Plus design provides control of the microwave environment while meeting the demands presented during high temperature processing techniques.

Top work area dimensions: 267 W x 286mm D (10.5 W x 11.25" D)
Overall dimensions: 267 W x 356 D x 105mm H (10.5 W x 14 D x 4.125" H)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
36116-20 PELCO ColdSpot® Plus each $845.90

PELCO® Technical Notes, PELCO ColdSpot® Microwave Water Load and Processing Surface (620KB PDF)