PELCO BioWave® Pro+ Microwave Tissue Processor

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Equipment / Accessories
pelco coldspot pro
PELCO ColdSpot® Pro
Designed as a temperature controlled surface and will enhance most tissue processing steps.
pelco coldspot pp
PELCO ColdSpot® Plus
Designed for microwave processing techniques that benefit from retained heat and higher solution temperatures.
pelco biowave pro microwave processor temperature probe
Temperature Probe
Supplied with the PELCO BioWave® Pro+ and available as a replacement probe for all previous PELCO® Microwave systems.
PELCO SteadyTemp
PELCO SteadyTemp™
Pro Digital
Provides precise fully automatic temperature control for a variety of microwave processing applications.

petri dish for microwave processing
Polypropylene Petri Dishes
Suitable for use in the Microwave Systems and conveniently hold the PELCO Prep-Eze™ Specimen Holders.
prep-eze 12 specimen holder
PELCO Prep-Eze™
Specimen Holders

6 or 12 well holders take specimen batches from fixation through resin infiltration. The holders fit #36135 polypropylene petri dishes.
microcentrifuge tube holder
Microcentrifuge Tube Holder
& Tubes

Firmly holds microcentrifuge tubes in water bath or on PELCO ColdSpot® Pro for processing.
cassette holder on top of tank
PELCO HistoWave®
Cassette System

Can be used as a stand alone system or in the PELCO TissueVac™.
polymerization tray
Microwave Polymerization
System & Stand

This system is used with the #36131-2 Capsule Holders. Water in the tray acts to equilibrate the temperature during curing of the resin.
microwave capsule holder
Microwave Capsule Holder
Microwave Flat Bottom Capsules

Flat Bottom Capsules or standard BEEM® Capsules. Firmly holds capsules for resin polymerization.

individual wells for specimen processing
Individual Wells
Great for processing individual specimens or keeping specimens separate from others.
sequenza slide rack
Sequenza™ Slide Rack
and Coverplate™ Assemblies

Holds slides and Coverplate™ Assemblies, designed for immunolabeling of sections on slides.
PELCO Prep-Eze Rectangular Wellplate Insert 6PELCO Prep-Eze Rectangular Wellplate Insert 12PELCO 24 Wellplate Insert
PELCO Prep-Eze™
Wellplate Inserts
6, 12 and 24 wells
PELCO Prep-Eze Rectangular Wellplate Insert 6 PELCO Prep-Eze Rectangular Wellplate Insert 12
PELCO 24 Wellplate Insert
Specimen Dish Kits
6, 1.5 and 0.5ml
PELCO 24 Wellplate Insert
Specimen Dishes

microwave vacuum chamberPELCO TissueVac Cassette Holder
PELCO TissueVac® Histology Vacuum
Accessory & Cassette Holder

Vacuum chamber and embedding, processing cassette
holder for microwave processing.
pelco em microwave vacuum chamber
PELCO® EM Pro Vacuum Chamber

Microwave vacuum chamber for microscopy
sample preparation for improved fixation and resin infiltration.

cassette rack in place for processingPELCO TissueVac Cassette Holder
DFR Insert & PTFE Cassette Holder
Fixation or decalcification using standard cassettes.
 Microwave Tissue Jars for Decalcification
Microwave Tissue Jars for Decalcification