DFR Insert with Round and Square PTFE Cassette Holder, for Microwave Processing
PELCO TissueVac® Histology Vacuum Accessory with PTFE Cassette Holder

PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System

Can be used as a stand alone system or in the PELCO TissueVac® accessory.

Pelco HistoWave Cassette System
Cassette Rack shown assembled and loaded.
Note the two over-sized (white) cassettes being accommodated in the center of the rack.

The PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System consists of a Cassette Tank and Cassette Rack. The design provides for ease of loading, unloading and fluid exchange during processing. The system will hold 26 standard-sized plastic cassettes or 22 standard and 2 over-sized cassettes. There is a hole in the handle for the temperature probe. The amount of reagent needed to cover 1 or 26 cassettes is approximately 500ml. It is easiest to add solutions when the system is assembled. The system is made of microwave-compatible and solvent-resistant plastics.

Use the optionally available Paraffin Heating Tile, Prod. No. 36150-1, under the Cassette Tank when more heat generation is required in the Microwave Tissue Processor for paraffin embedding.

Note: The PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System may also be used in the PELCO TissueVac® Vacuum Chamber, Prod. No's 36161 and 36160, which is an accessory for the PELCO BioWave® Pro and previous PELCO® Microwave Processors.

HistoWave Cassette System Tank
Cassette Tank
HistoWave Cassette System Assembled
PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System loaded and assembled.

Cassette Holder on top of Tank
Cassette Holder with cassettes may be rested on tank to facilitate draining.
Marble Tile
Optional Paraffin Heating Tile
Dimensions of Cassette Holder (with handle):
79.4mm H x 111.2mm square (3.125" H x 4.375" square)
Inside Dimensions of Cassette Tank:
73mm D x 115.1mm square (2.875" D x 4.53" square)

Size of Standard Histology Cassette:
Length: 1.6" (4.06cm)
Width: 1.1" (2.86cm)
Depth: 0.28" (0.7cm)

Size of Over-Sized Histology Cassette:
Length: 1.7" (4.30cm)
Width: 1.1" (2.86cm)
Depth: 0.51" (1.30cm)

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Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
36150 PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System each $466.40
36151 PELCO HistoWave® Cassette Tank only each 281.10
36151-1 PELCO HistoWave® Cassette Rack only each 306.90
36150-1 PELCO HistoWave® Paraffin Heating Tile each 46.20