DiATOME® Diamond Knives Overview
Cleaning Tools for DiATOME® Diamond Knives

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DiATOME® cryo immuno
Diamond Knives

Available for sale in U.S.A. only

The first cryo knife with a diamond platform, guarantees the best possible sectioning for cryo-immuno-chemistry.

The diamond platform provides for easy and gentle section collection. Sections are collected directly from the diamond surface using a loop and a sucrose/methylcellulose droplet (Refs. Liou, Peters).

The cryo immuno diamond knife is also recommended for sectioning frozen hydrated samples. The 35° cutting angle leads to a considerable reduction in mechanical stresses and therefore to improved structure preservation in sucrose-protected samples. 

Knife Specifications

Knife angle: 35°
Thickness range: 30-300nm
Available sizes: 2mm, 3mm

Cleaning Procedure for DiATOME® cryo immuno Diamond Knives
Handling & Use of DiATOME® Diamond Knives (500KB PDF)

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DiATOME® Ordering Information

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
For Sale in U.S.A. Only
R = Resharpen
123-DK3-CI20 DiATOME® cryo immuno Diamond Knife, Angle 35°, Knife 2.0mm each $2375.00
123-DK3-CI20R DiATOME® cryo immuno Diamond Knife, Angle 35°, Knife 2.0mm, Resharpen each 1675.00
123-DK3-CI30 DiATOME® cryo immuno Diamond Knife, Angle 35°, Knife 3.0mm each P.O.R.
123-DK3-CI30R DiATOME® cryo immuno Diamond Knife, Angle 35°, Knife 3.0mm, Resharpen each 2375.00

DiATOME® Cleaning Procedure for cryo 25° and cryo immuno Diamond Knives

This procedure serves for the cleaning of our cryo immuno and cryo 25° knives. We are at your disposal for any further assistance you might require.

1. Remove the knife stage from the cryo
chamber, leave the knives in the stage,
wash under tap water for warming up.
2. Bevel a polystyrene stick with a
perfectly clean razor blade.
3. Clean the knife with 50% ethanol,
keep wet.
4. Rinse with 100% ethanol. 5. Dry with a dustblower or canned air.